Comment to 'Goodbye, Facebook and your useless results. [UPDATED]'
  • I think the problem with FB is that the problem with FB is that it mainly presents advertisements to the users, which are based on their alleged interests.
    Another problem will be that many users just want to be informed without any effort. Nowadays, hardly any page is accessed separately to rowing through streams there. I notice this also by the example of my own community, which has meanwhile more than 30 members, but still stumbles in front of it. And this despite constant updates, which are distributed via FB, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and others. Who would like to get an idea of it: (Invision Community Suite 4.2.2)
    • When the community is more "generic" like Facebook, it is imperative that the common "Feed" aggregates all content updates in an efficient manner. This is not a trivial task and may be different for every site. Depending on size, activity patterns and structure of connections the feed/timeline may have to be tuned differently.
      Some communities do just fine without any feed at all. For example, when public communication is contained within one module (like Discussions or Posts), and the rest is private (Messenger, Convos, etc). Or when the site is entirely based on connecting and private engagements (dating, adult, job search).
      UNA is designed to work either way. You can run just a few modules and focus on that, or run many and aggregate via Timeline. As your community grows, you can adjust what to display in timeline, which modules to deactivate and which to bring forward.
      • Yes, and Dolphin allowed me to work in this direction and I did exactly what you describe with some success thanks to its great versatility just have a good idea, after just playing with the Swiss Army Knife to evolve.
        But ... he's getting old Dolphin. You know, when I play a week with UNA, and I come back to Dolphin, I feel like I've been in the past for ten years.
        In fact, UNA is a young horse that I want to bet on. If I look at the work you've done over a year, I think it can quickly become a real racehorse.
        It's hard to keep from taking Facebook as an example, but where will Facebook be in ten years? Who can answer this question? You may be surprised.
        All mountains have a summit. In addition, you can see that we are entering an exponential speed in the air of mass surveillance, do not you think that one day people will overdose?
        I believe, then virality, push, sharing, yes maybe but without abuse, a middle ground, neither too much nor too little, yes very well, but ...
        I remind you that a European directive foresees to prohibit notifications activated by default.
        My opinion is that it is not necessary to bet on all this for the future.
        Two ways of seeing things.
        1. Build a very interesting, intelligent, pleasant, honest site, make people want to come and see what happens there, forgetting to make them feel at home.
        2. Make a site like it already exist, thousands, and do ding ding every 30 seconds on their smarphones to remind them that it exists.
        So, if I helped you to chase the bugs lately, it's because I think you're going to provide me with a tool that will allow me to go in the direction of the first hypothesis.