Comment to 'Points System on UNA.IO'
  • I'd like to suggest points on receiving actions like sharing, likes, favorizing, pinning, etc. for created content. At the moment, creation of any content is rewarded, which is only the one side of the medal - i.e. quantity. Community members want valuable content. If one member creates useful content for others, they should be able to reward that expert member with points by liking, sharing, befriending, reposting, etc. That would emphasize more the other side of the medal - quality content.

    I already suggested that to AQB Soft and they answered that it would be able to gain points for quality content creators through member's reactions on some preconditions with code and database. Since I'm neither a coder nor a databaser, but an enthusiastic (UNA) community admin, their explanation on how to achieve that is unfortunately only some foreign language to me.