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Points System on UNA.IO

As you might have noticed, we have now integrated the new Points Module from AQB Soft into UNA.IO - it's a great piece of software, we are very impressed, it's a potent tool to rev up and reward positive activity on any UNA site.
The settings in Points Module can be customised to promote the ideal activity you would like on your site, perhaps for your site it is creating new blogs, making new friends, joining groups or posting photos?
We have set it up on UNA.IO in a way that strongly rewards helping others. Ie. you will get rewarded a little bit for asking a question, you will get rewarded a lot for answering a question.

So far as reimbursing points, we haven't quite figured that out, the module integrates with user levels, so we will create some premium levels for active users and also explore some sort of points exchange for additional value in the near future.
At the moment, just have fun with it, we are looking forward to seeing who gets the most points!

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    • Ah it's cool, but it's misconfiguring, I just answered several conversations, it did not count.

    • Hello,

      There is enabled option in settings which doesn't allow to get points for your own content. I mean if you created the post and post comments under ершу item, you will not get any points for that. 

      We can change it :)

      • I can't wait to have enough budget to buy the points system for my project. I wanted this for so long.

        • I come back post a comment here because there is an aspect of the module that I did not suspect initially and I see now after a few weeks of use. In a way, it is also very useful admin side to monitor the activity of your site in the Studio => Points => Members section. See here a long list of people who have gotten a lot of points is a sign of good health of your site. In fact, it is a good complement to the analytics module :-)

          • A good way too keep people more interested 👍

            • Well it’s an expensive app at $60, but I thought it would be worth it to increase activity. I am having a lot of trouble with it. Has anyone else gotten this app to work properly?

              • I thought I would uninstall it and reinstall to see if that would fix the problem, but that is not even possible. I tried to restore language in developer, and I get a message that says it can’t be restored. Can you help AQB Soft ?

                • Hello Tim,

                  If you still have problems with the module let us know please.

                  • image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=2172&dpx=1&t=1569540462

                    Hi there, I was just testing sending 2 points to a user and now their profile is showing up twice under point leaders. Please advise. Thanks, John 

                    • Hi AQB Soft,

                      Can you add option for users to checkout points in form of cash.

                      like user can request to checkout 1000 points then site admin will review the request then admin can approve or cancel the request ..


                      Travis K

                      • I'd like to suggest points on receiving actions like sharing, likes, favorizing, pinning, etc. for created content. At the moment, creation of any content is rewarded, which is only the one side of the medal - i.e. quantity. Community members want valuable content. If one member creates useful content for others, they should be able to reward that expert member with points by liking, sharing, befriending, reposting, etc. That would emphasize more the other side of the medal - quality content.

                        I already suggested that to AQB Soft and they answered that it would be able to gain points for quality content creators through member's reactions on some preconditions with code and database. Since I'm neither a coder nor a databaser, but an enthusiastic (UNA) community admin, their explanation on how to achieve that is unfortunately only some foreign language to me.

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