Comment to 'iOS and Android Apps for UNA.IO Released. Test now!'
  • Some of the upcoming updates that we already plan include:

    - Separate navigation builder for the launch bar - so you can include, say, a Messenger or Market icons into it, if those modules are installed. Since some sites don't have certain modules installed or may have their own priorities, we don't include those links by default.

    - Standalone Messenger apps for iOS and Android. Often it makes better sense for some sites - having two separate apps, or just one Messenger app as native. 

    - Speed and functionality improvements in Timeline, including getting rid of duplication of posts when channels are used, change in pagination system, improved caching and improved database queries. 

    - Eventually using JOT interface as the main UI option for the apps, which will allow for nearly instant UI response, making the apps look and feel more like fully-native.