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Hey guys I'm working on something,  it's basically a localized instagram with all the core and additional features. The server cost budgeting is my problem.  If I were to have 100,000 active users everyday how much will it cost me for a year and which hosting company should I use cause I prefer Amazon? 

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Is there a way to improve the speed of the Mobile apps I have heard good things about ionic and flutter

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I have noticed that on the UNA mobile apps  you can't use the dark mode or lucid.  So the question is that is this feature allowed to be used? 

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Has anyone noticed when photos are posted it still maintains the original device storage name? Is there a way to fix this cause it should not be

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Please is there an estimated time for the release of the UNA mobile apps and can we know the development status?

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When will the mobile app deployment for una site users commence?

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Reposted srinivas's discussion.

How can I add Indian Rupee code and the symbol? And then to set  Indian Rupee as default ?  and delete all other currencies

Paypal Accepts Indian Rupee - Currency code INR 

and where to update paypal email address?

Through studio/developer/data items/payments/currencies  added INR with html code  ₹ for indian rupee symbol

instead of 6 currencies now able to see 7 currencies

how to make indian rupee to default?

in settings / general  there are only two currencies

please guide me how to  ?


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My messenger loads but it only shows connecting and nothing more.

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is there a way the point system can be  set up to only allow people who receive votes to get the votes?

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