Comment to 'Predictions for Social Networks in 2020...'
  • I think a more MySpace pattern will re-emerge where people nowadays want more control over their content, brand, how they interact with their peers. Personalization like in the past. While social networks create more and more rules and regulations and government intrusion, I believe people will drift twords social networks that give them space to breath without fear of being tracked along with their data. This includes users being able to use personas and use their own online names with a little more anonymity. Technology is advancing in the way we interact with each other.

    • I agree with Will Roberts as far as Myspace, because ultimately people want to be part of a world where they can walk outside and talk to people. Our online presence is our personality and it shows people who we are; many of us want to be noticed. We don't want others to know what we do in our private lives and we don't want to be taken advantage of. For this reason, I think that social networks with full encryption will become the wave of the future.