Comment to 'How to Monetize your UNA Website'
  • I have posted about meta-keywords and meta-descriptions a few times before - you can customise them, but the make zero difference for the SEO. It has been well over 10 years that Google is ignoring meta tags as a significant SEO indicator. Content, speed, usability and unobstructed linking structure is all that matters. You can find UNA.IO content in Google SERPs with well-structured schema, that Google has figured out all by itself.

    If, however, you try to game search engines by signalling generated kept words, unnatural texts, hidden elements, links rings, etc - you will most definitely get banned, for 6-24 months or permanently. 

    You can use google webmaster tools to monitor indexing and general health of your site in regards to SEO - we are doing it regularly and current state of UNA configuration seems to be in good shape