Issue: Polyglott Keys are missing

There are some keys missing in Polyglott if there is another default language like english defined in Polyglott settings.

Then keys not translated in this language aren't listed in Polyglott anymore.

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    • Hello Michelle2010 !

      Please send me the UNA's operator access via Messenger and the list of the "problem" keys.

      • Michelle2010 LeonidS Can you take a look at your German translation in the app market? It is producing an error when trying to download. Cannot unarchive zip package

        Some keys have been removed from polyglot Michelle2010 

        • I found an error in the system de.xml file. 

          Now I have to make a new zip file. 

          • Hello Leonid. 

            What do you mean with operator access via messenger? Is there a special connecting tool for this in UNA?

            In my keys I found two ““ before one system key. And this caused that all keys after couldn’t been installed. 

            But I think that it’s a general problem in polyglot that if I defined another language in polyglot <> English only the keys for this language will be listed. 

            I think that the programm reads the keys with the general language for listing and not everytime with language english where all keys are defined. 

            I’m right here?

            • Jeremy , can you try it again? I'put a new version of Zipfile to the product.
              Is a normal Zip-File here OK or have I to create afile with phar?
              The previous file was a phar file and I change the type to .zip. i think this was the mitstake. :-(

              • Richtig. Zip is what it needs to be. It works. Vielen Dank! :-D

                • "with operator access via messenger" means that you need to click on my profile link on this site, then '...' sign of actions and choose there "Messenger" link. On a new page just write me the operator access of UNA (in the case when your UNA site is available). It would help to understand your second problem with non-English languages, I can't reproduce similar issue.

                  • I verify here the 'Channels' translation. And here are missing some keys in the german translation.

                    The most of them I only can see, when I switch to English in the Webseite language.

                    In German only german keys are on the list.

                    Helpfull would be a list, where I can see all missing keys in german.

                    In the attachment you can see the displayed keys for Channels with 'English' and then the Keys in German after Switching to German

                    • Hello Michelle, you sort of have this list. On your site, go to EN, you will see the missing keys like this. This is why you can not find them if you are positioned on the language that has missing keys.

                      In this example, two keys are missing in my FR language.


                      • Note that it is true that it would be comfortable to have a filter "Missing Keys" that would show only these. would avoid having to go through all the pages.

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