Messenger 12.0.6

New version Messenger 12.0.6 has been released.

There are many improvements for new UNA 13 design and bug fixes.

Also several new abilities like create talks only with friends, change search fields list and etc..

Let us know please if any problems!

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    • Hi @Alexey Thank you so much for the release and for the hard work. Please, keep it up! Thanks.

      • Is this available in the newest UNA 13 beta update or is it available on GitHub only?

        • Hi @RJ Arsenault

          It's available in Studio > Apps Market > Updates. I am running UNA 13-B4 and I have managed to update/install this new release (Messenger 12.0.6) without any issue.

          • Width on application view is not full screen

            • Thank you! )

              • Hello!

                If Messenger module is connected with your domain, you should see the update in studio->updates

                • Hello!

                  Check please studio->pages->Messenger page-> Settings. It should have default value in type list.

                  • default value is set. My default site is using application view. Messenger still doesn't spread the entire width of the screen.

                    • If you have default view Application, then you should change for the Messenger page - standard.

                      • where does it say on the market what software version it is, and how can I see other older versions?

                        • What version of core is required to run this version of messenger and where is this written?

                          • With which version of php is this product compatible and with which versions was it tested by the UNA team? as well as for the databases, I would like to know

                            • "Please let us know if there are any problems!" This approach is wrong. I would rather know under what conditions you tested this product. What version of core, what version of php, what version of databases and webserver version node js etc. It should be written there in the product details. I wonder how you sell a product in which none of these things are written? Or maybe we have to guess or do you assume that we will test all the versions and then post our failures and successes here?

                              • instead, look here how many details are offered on the drupal platform for a single module. And all this is for a free product.


                                • Trayng to install in una: The module is not compatible with your version of UNA (Una Version: 12.1.1-DEV1 Messenger Version: 12.0.7). where can be download messenger with a version compatible with UNA 12? Where are the other messenger versions? why is the version not declared on the product page on the market the compatibilty with una core and why are the other versions not available for download?

                                  • All your links to different messenger versions that you have published here always lead to the same page where no version is specified. Are you kidding us?







                                    12 Jul 2017


                                    17 Jan 2023

                                    • Hello,

                                      By default, UNA contains versions verification feature. It allows to detect which module is compatible with your UNA version. In all UNA versions <= 12.1.1, you can see modules in studio for download even if they are not compatible with your UNA version and when you try to install you will see the notification about incompatible versions. From version 13.0.0 and upper, you already can not see incompatible modules in Studio and thus can not downloaded them for installation. 

                                      If you install modules manually from github you should check file install\config.php of the module. It contains this section:

                                      'compatible_with' => array(

                                      About PHP and other server's configuration: since modules are installed on UNA, they can be installed only on the same server where UNA is located, thus servers' requirements for modules are the same as for the UNA.

                                      If there are any other special requirements for the module, they should be indicated in description of the module.

                                      • You still haven't answered my question, which version of messenger is compatible with UNA 12 and where can it be downloaded?

                                        I saw that you published different messenger versions on your timeline, from where I can download the version compatible with UNA 12, I want to try the migration from doppin 7.24 but without the messenger module installed I cannot transfer the conversations. but all your links lead to the same page on the market, where there is only one version in which the version is not even specified. but the instaler file i found this.

                                        'type' => BX_DOL_MODULE_TYPE_MODULE,
                                        'name' => 'bx_messenger',
                                        'title' => 'Messenger',
                                        'note' => 'Messenger module.',
                                        'version' => '12.0.7',
                                        'vendor' => 'BoonEx',
                                        'help_url' => '{module_name}',
                                        'compatible_with' => array(

                                        in github also there its only one version ttps://

                                        'type' => BX_DOL_MODULE_TYPE_MODULE,
                                        	'name' => 'bx_messenger',
                                        	'title' => 'Messenger',
                                        	'note' => 'Messenger module.',
                                        	'version' => '12.0.7.DEV',
                                        	'vendor' => 'BoonEx',
                                        	'help_url' => '{module_name}',
                                        'compatible_with' => array( '13.0.x'	),

                                        just like on the market.

                                        UNA have 4 tags in github,, v.10, v.11, v.12. and master which can be downloaded

                                        Messessenger have only the master branch. this version is only compatible with one 13.0.x
                                        • Where can I download other previous versions compatible with UNA 12 ? All the versions must be public.This is an open source software, at least for those who pay the license, you have to offer more than for those who use it for free. You have published several links on your page to different versions, but they have no source. All premium modules must be available for download in all versions for those who have a license to use.
                                        • The package in the market and github contains only the latest version.
                                        • Not everyone uses the latest version. Is it that difficult to understand?
                                        • I'm probably dumber because I don't speak English well enough, but I'm not stupid. I paid 3 or 5 i dont remeber exactly permanent licenses to boneex, to use the script. Now you have rebranded and recognize only one. But I have the right to use it, so I want to see the source code available ofo all premium modules in all released versions and all the patches for the upgrade. from one version to another.

                                        "Permanent Dolphin License No ongoing fees, no expiration, includes all future upgrades. "

                                        • why do you say that a module can only be installed in only one server? For me, UNA can runs on the cloud, each module can be on a different server or usinjg microservices in docker, and if I want I put each module on ten servers, and another less used module on only one server. If I want, I run messenger on 100 servers and the rest of the site on one., photos on another server, videos on another and css and js on another. Nothing is impossible. nginx can run any folder on another server, in any location on the globe, I can put a location on a server in Australia and another folder with another module in another location in the USA or run one module in 10 different locations at the same time to serve other users with a load balancer.

                                          I only want from you the source code from messenger, you boasted that you published it here, but your links are not functional they all go to the same location.

                                                    • all your links lead to the same source. Either you're wrong or the UNA "platform" POJECT is wrong.

                                                      • The all Messenger versions ( as any other products ) are available in Download area of module (see my screenshorts). The latest version which is compatible with UNA 12 is Messenger 12.0.5. 

                                                        • I understand now, A BIG THANKS for the answer, I didn't see that button.

                                                          It was better that when you press the download button, all the versions can be seen directly. without having to open another intermediate page to see all the versions.

                                                          I suggest you to remove the intermediate page where only see the latest version is visible. When you click on the download button, a list of all available versions will open.

                                                          Or to open several previous versions in the intermediate page, at least three and the button for more should be right below them MORE INTUITVE.

                                                          Simpler things are more practical, my self I searched for days without seeing that button.

                                                          I apologize for the inconvenience, but I did not expect there to be so many DEPTH pages

                                                          • I also suggest that in the download page there should be a field with core compatibilty. this is important for manual installations. Maybe also php version, platform and db compatibility.

                                                            Software COMPATIBILITY :

                                                            • Platform: UNA 11.X.X, UNA 12.1.0, UNA 13.1.X, ETC
                                                            • PHP: php.7.1, php7.4-fpm, php8.1-fpm, 8.2 (TESTET, ERROR, UNTESTED)
                                                            • DB: mysql-5.5.5, MariaDB 10.1, etc
                                                            • Webserver: Nginx 1.2, Apache, Tengine 1.15, etc
                                                            • Doc
                                                            • All issues
                                                            • Source code
                                                            • Auto instaler:
                                                            composer require 'una/messenger:^12.5'
                                                            docker run -it --rm --name my-running-app my-php-app

                                                            Download method

                                                            cd /una_project/
                                                            gh repo clone unaio/jot-client-una

                                                            Don't forget that this shop is not just just about UNA, those who sell software on the Internet will find these things very useful in their market store. For them as sellers and for the customer who buys these details are important. Composer installer or other methods, like dokker, etc also its useful. All this data could be automatically extracted from the file info.txt or another extension, by the app market itsfel, just by providing the location of the file, so it can display this information in a simple and efficient way.

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