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UNA is the best; upgrading not so much. I'm not an expert so I don't know what the solution is, but in my opinion, the upgrade should not rely on a cron job, and maybe it needs to somehow ensure that caches are automatically emptied? I'm not sure. All I know is, I had to change my cron job settings, and even then, the upgrade only partially completed. I had to click upgrade one more time, and now the upgrade seems to have successfully completed. (I hope.)

If someone with little to no web dev skills tries using and upgrading UNA, you're going to get a ton of questions here. Some people may not know how to fix their cron job settings. Luckily, I knew how.

A UNA upgrade, should be like a Wordpress upgrade. You click upgrade and it just works for pretty much any set up. 

Just a suggestion. I'm not trying to be rude or ungrateful for anything like that. I still LOVE UNA! But, focus on the upgrade functionality. 


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    • Having said all that above, I would also like to simply say, thank you, again. Now that the upgrade was successful, I'm loving the changes! Mentions are key to communities like these, and now we have them!! Very exciting!

      • I am having difficult to upgrade.   It says it will start in a few minutes and not doing it. I agree it should not be depend on cron job .  

        • You'll need to figure out how to change the Cron job to run every minute during the upgrade. I say you need to figure it out because each web hosting environment may be different. 

          • Hodor Hodor Are you using Cpanel? You can manage cron easily from there.

            • I have cron issue in RC3-RC4 upgrade. it was fixed and upgrade to RC4 was successful. Now  (with fixed cron) I'm still unable to upgrade. Which means that it's not only cron. It may be virtually everything.

              I totally agree that upgrade process have to be easy and smooth. It have to be "manual" option if auto-upgrade can't be so easy and so smooth. And It's nothing to do with being rude or ungrateful. We, both sides, are doing one thing, after all.

              • Hi, try checking Studio > Apps Market > Updates and see whether there are still apps that need to be installed. My experience was that after upgrading to RC6 I had to to to > Updates and there were those apps that had to be install (update)

                • you can update apps only after version update

                  • vavilon In my RC6 experience, yes.

                    • UNA can't work properly without cron. So setting up cron properly from the very beginning is very essential. 

                      It's not only upgrade relying on cron job, there are a lot of other things, which you can't see immediately. 

                      I would suggest to ensure that cron jobs are setup and you shouldn't have problems with the upgrade.

                      Also we've started to show last cron execution time in Studio > Dashboard > Host Tools > Server Audit, it should be always within a minute from now, it will help to ensure that the cron is setup properly.


                      • Thanks, Alex T⚜️! It seems like people still experienced strange behavior even after setting up the cron job correctly. For example, after I adjusted my cron job to run every minute, I clicked on upgrade, and the site still didn't upgrade after several minutes. Although I could see certain files like the splash page, did update. I had to click on upgrade one more time, then finally, everything updated.

                        By the way, the log showed that the upgrade was successful the first time. Even though it wasn't. 

                        It's hard to say exactly what happened. Just sharing my experience.

                        • It's difficult to tell what is the reason of the problems without any specific steps on how to reproduce it. 

                          It it's finally was updated then everything  should be fine.

                          Please note that there were 2 updates, so I think the 1st time it was successfully updated, and it suggest to apply next update and second time you've applied another update. 

                          • I am not using Cpanel, i am on AWS cron job was working fine in installation but now something went wrong

                            i did updated app, clean caches, update to RC5 etc. but it's still the same...


                            • Hodor Hodor What is in Studio > Dashboard > Host tools > Server audit > Last Cron execution time  ?

                              • Today 16/02/2018

                                • Maybe it's good idea to check administrative mailbox, server suppose to send there an email with the problem's description.

                                  • It should be within a minute from now, could you please specify the difference in time from your local time ?

                                    • I am GMT‎+2‎, i waited some minutes but it did not updated

                                      • I am GMT‎+2‎, i waited some minutes but it did not updated

                                        Most probably this is the reason of the problem, cron isn't setup properly. It must run every minute and must be run under the same user which owns UNA files.

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