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After typing all descriptions, when you click on PUBLISH, it just erases all your inputs and not published. This is after the RC6 upgrade. Do I have to tweak something?

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Hello everyone. Anyone knows how to remove/edit the homepage header with default message "Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved."? Thanks in advance.

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Lately my UNA site is having problems, even not showing style sheets, other pages producing error 500. I want to reinstall the whole una and restore the images and database from my local backup. Is that possible? Thank you in advance for your inputs.

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Sirs can you help me fix my UNA site here:

I have installed by wildcard SSL but when you access it's not showing properly.

Thanks in advance.

~ Arnel N.

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When you upload your album this is what i got:

But when you go back home it's there uploaded:

But when you click on the picture this is what i got:

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