UNA Went ABOVE & BEYOND for me!

I JUST WANTED TO SHARE MY EXPERIENCE - For anyone on the fence about using UNA software!

I self host UNA with paid $99 a month PRO PACKAGE OF MODULES.

UNA Dev “LeonidS” and maybe some other UNA Devs helped too but They were kind enough to login to my server and reinstall my MESSENGER PROPERLY! Works like a charm now!

Then They worked with me and went back and forth via emails with my Sys Admin to get my server fine tuned and they went ahead and upgraded my site to 13 RC2

AND IT LOOKS AWESOME MAN!! I Am Impressed with the UNA TEAM thus far! UNA Dev “LeonidS” Really Helped A lot and was PATIENT with me when he repeatedly couldn’t access our serve . Truthfully thought I wouldn’t get another email response from UNA team after that as I know that’s how CUSTOMER CARE goes these days SADLY!

IN SHORT…. UNA / LeonidS Didn’t have to do any of the things they did for me, as I’m a self hosted UNA website and Not One Of Their Hosted Paying Customer .


And that is coming from a guy who prides himself on customer service so much so that my desk placard engraving reads:

It's never crowded along the extra mile

AND THATS UNA! ………So Far lol

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    • That's freaking awesome brother!

      • Yep. I've seen it over and again. UNA lives off its hosting services. Nevertheless their team offers good and quick help to us self-hosters.

        Alex even has made provision for self-hosters to use remote processing of videos. Because, as you know, self-hosters on shared plans do not have enough resources for video processing. In most cases.

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