Uploading a logo in artificer doesn't resize the logo?

When I upload my logo, it takes longer for the logo to appear after the page is loaded because I think the logo keeps its original size. When I right click on the logo, even on una.io and open the image in a new tab, it is a huge image. I think the logo should show a very small (maybe 2kb) size logo.

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    • I am also having trouble with the logo, I've uploaded it, but the site does not display it at all. does it have to be a specific dimensions for the site to recognise it maybe?

      • Hello @Embody !

        Did you try to change it directly in your template area (our template name]) or via the Designer App?

        • ah. ive tried to do it now in the template area now and i saw it take effect, is there a proper sizing guide to get the image to be sharp? additionally for the splash page, how can i change the logo and look of it? In the designer it only references images somewhere else - is there a guide to customizing that? some parts i can see how in the CSS but other parts like the spacenook logos i cant find where.

          • Hello @Embody !

            Using the Spacenook solution, you may replace all images in the Studio->Artificer->Logo area. Upload your variants with the same sizes there.

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