All the tools you need to build amazing communities

We've created the framework and all the social media modules, so you can just activate the features you need and focus on growing your network.

  • UNA - Unified Networking Applications

    The UNA Community Management System is a flexible web framework for creating unique digital experiences for independent social media networks of all types and sizes. Providing a unique combination of networking capabilities and permissive licensing, UNA became the platform of choice for over 10,000 online communities all over the world.

    Designed to be highly customizable without coding, yet fully open-source and allowing complete modification freedom, the UNA platform is the perfect choice for community-led businesses and start-ups that need to launch online social media networks fast and still retain full control over future development.

  • Tech Specs - full-stack CMS

    Built on a hybrid technology stack - primarily PHP/MySQL, NodeJS for some components and ReactNative for mobile apps - UNA is designed for community operators and developers who need full control over their website and apps, flexibility of open-source software and scaleability required for large social networks.


    No-code setup, configuration and customisation system. Manage modules, build pages, edit forms, customise navigation and fine-tune design.

    Unified Apps

    Hundreds of modules, profile-types, templates, languages, builders and integrations designed to provide unified experience to your community members.


    Use UNA as headless CMS to build your own native or hybrid apps or integrate UNA with your existing infrastructure with JSON API endpoints.


    Pure PHP used to build dynamic web pages - UNA doesn’t rely on any external libraries and the code is written from zero.

    Cache Engines

    Caching for db queries, pages, blocks, and HTML templates. File-based, memory-based, and Memcache server-based caching.

    Storage Engine

    Centralised storage configuration for both local and remote storage options using any S3 compatible provider.

    Media Engine

    On-demand image resizing, video/audio transcoding and support for remote transcoding servers.


    Multilingual interface with built-in multilingual Wiki, and translations available in the extensions market.

    Frontend Engine

    Automatic on-demand compression, minification and gzipping of JS and CSS files with specific and common files for maximum performance.

    Built-in SEO

    Plan it, create it, launch it. Collaborate seamlessly with all the organization and hit your marketing goals every month with our marketing plan.

    MySQL Database

    The most secure and reliable database management system used in popular web applications including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Facebook and Twitter.

    MIT License

    Permissive open-source license allowing unrestricted use, distribution and no copyleft requirements.

  • System Features - platform-wide functionality that connects and unifies UNA apps.

    Seamless user-experience is created by organizing data structure, privacy controls and interaction methods uniformly for all UNA Apps. UNA system features is what holds all the apps together, which helps users feel familiar with every new module.

    Favorite lists
    File viewers
    Centralised logs system
    Wiki blocks
    Asynchronous blocks with placeholders
    ACL/Membership levels
    Operators roles
    Apps market
    Privacy for form fields
    Votes an d reactions for form fields
    SEO URLs
    Age rating/Content filters (G, PG, PG-13, R, X)
    Notifications (onsite, email, PUSH)
    CSRF tokens in forms and grids
    Remote S3 storage
    DB Clustering
    Passwords expiration and history
    Multiple profiles
    Dark mode support
    Mobile and Desktop apps
  • Core Apps - global settings, builders, configuration and management tools.

    Use the base tools and builders of the UNA framework to create an experience specific to your community needs. Set roles, assign permissions, create and edit pages, rearrange navigation, modify database fields and manage global settings.


    Review your site status, manage system updates and clear cache. Powerful Studio tools gives Site Operators quick insight into site issues and updates.


    Manage site logos, icons, default templates, cover images, splash pages & inject your own CSS styles. Designer App is the resource centre for managing all your site's default designs, templates and images.


    Manage, edit and customise all the forms and form fields for your UNA site. Add and remove fields for each form, modify visibility of each form and field based on user level, customise and enhance Search Forms for your requirements. Forms Module is a powerhouse module that collates and manages data inputs in a manner that is easily customised and monitored.


    Customise and manage navigation menus, items and sets. Add menus, change icons, manage visibility settings based upon user levels and devices for each menu and menu item. Navigation Module gives full control over site navigation, allowing you to create & manage complex navigation structures with ease and simplicity.


    Add, edit & customize pages, manage content, visibility settings based upon user level and device. Set page visibility and layouts. All aspects of page management are easily and readily managed without the use of any code. Pages App is a powerhouse module for managing site layouts and content. Pages App allows the site owner full control over who can see what content on each page and how it is displayed. Customize pages presentation for each user level and for each type of device, Pages App offers almost unlimited options for creating and presenting pages within your UNA website.


    Control user levels, visibility, actions & access. Determine what each user can do and what they can see within your UNA website. Permissions Module is a core part of the engine room of your UNA website, providing a robust, elegant and fully customisable system of site governance.Within UNA the Permissions are fully customisable, you can create your own user levels, and establish what they can do and see within your site.Modify existing user levels.Determine the available actions for each user level.Set the number of actions available within a defined period of time, for each user level.Set what menus are visible based on user level.Define what content is visible based on user levels.Permissions for an entire pagePermissions for each block of content on each page.


    Edit all text throughout your site in multiple languages. Edit site emails and and all text / keys in multiple languages. Polyglot is the language centre 🔠of your UNA site, enabling you to readily customise all aspects of site text and messaging. Site text, emails and notifications can be quickly found through search and edited to fit your site requirements and new keys and emails easily added.


    Access & Edit the Settings for each installed UNA Module from this centralised control centre. Settings can be accessed in Studio from within each module yet Settings Module brings the Settings for all Modules into one single convenient interface.


    Direct access to stored user files and images. Search for files, download and resize from the Studio Interface.

  • Free Apps - essential building blocks for emerging communities.

    Free to download, update and use - publishing, networking and communicaiton modules for simple, emerging communities. Developers can use FreeApps as boilerplates for custom UNA modules.

    Accounts Manager

    Site user accounts management app for admins and moderators. Change status, delete, block, view associated profiles, track and change email confirmation status.UNA accounts are separate from Profiles and do not work as a visible on-site ID. Basic user information profile is available, but one or more Profile apps are required to generate public profiles.


    Classified Ads and Listings managed by Categories and Sub-Categories, create a Facebook Market, Gumtree or Craigslist marketplace within your UNA website.The UNA Ads Module is a powerhouse 💪🏽 content module that can transform your UNA website into a thriving marketplace 🛒 - enabling you to create Classified style ads listed by Categories and Sub-Categories - as a taxonomy for categorising and refining search.Facebook Marketplace is a hugely popular feature of the Facebook eco-system. Facebook Marketplace enables users to create classified ads and post them into specific groups or onto their personal profile. UNA Ads Module enables you to create an identical system of content curation within your own UNA website.Craigslist is a phenomenally successful Classified Directory that is based on a series of Classified Ads and Discussion forums, where people can advertise a range of goods and services - with simple directory style listings Craigslist has become a global icon for buy and selling good and services and meeting new people. UNA Ads Module enables you to emulate the function of the type of website by creating and customizing Classified Directory Advertisements based upon Categories and Sub-Categories.Using UNA Studio the categories within Ads Module can be easily customised 🛠 to suit the taxonomy to your site and relevant products.UNA Ads Module could be used to advertise Jobs 💼 Real Estate 🏠 Sporting Equipment 🎿 Miscellaneous Used Goods 🧸 Livestock / Pets 🐕‍🦺 Cars / Automobiles 🏎 Personal Services 🤗 as well as for Lost and Found ❓ Wanted Ads 🙋🏻 Personals and Dating 😍 .Using the simple integrations of UNA Permissions Module and Paid Levels App - it is possible to monetise your UNA Ads, by restricting the number of ads that users can create and charging memberships (one off or recurring) to be able to post Ads.


    Media sharing app for site users to upload, share, manage and comment on photos and videos.Albums app key features:Individual media file pages with comments and likes.Album pages with comments, likes, and “darkroom” gallery view.Short and extended snippets with swipe/scroll controlled previews.Categories.Hashtags.Camera EXIF data tags.Transcoder for optimised photo previews.Video converter for HTML5 video playback.Social sharing.Favourites.Notifications.


    Prevent spam content posting and reduce the number of spammers trying trying to join your site with UNA’s Antispam app. This app is an important component in keeping your site membership and content curated and under control.Methods usedAllow or block some IPs rangeDNS and URI DNS Block ListsWhitelist or blacklist particular countriesAkismet service integrationStopForumSpam service integrationDisposable email domain blocking with list auto-updateProfanity filterToxicity filter (based on Perspective API)


    The new UNA default template, taking advantage of the TailwindCSS framework for consistent styling, seamless support of dark/light modes and modern design language.


    Utilising the power of 'Hashtags' for sorting, following and discovering content. Channels creates a 'context' for posts and gives users the ability to subscribe to a hashtag, users will get a notification when a post with a specified hashtag is added, and content from those hashtags can be added to their feed. Essentially every time that a new hashtag is specified, a new channel is created. Admins can configure whether hashtags/channels can be generated by users, or predetermined by admins.For every hashtag/channel a separate page (based on groups) with Timeline and other features is added. Users can browse to these pages to view historical content sorted under this Hashtag.


    Provide your users with a seamless and private gateway that enables them to contact site operators.The contact email can be customized or it can use the site's email address.


    A private inbox for asynchronous on-site communication between users. Conversations can be used as a Help Desk or an onboard email system.Key features:📧 Direct one-on-one or group conversations🙋🏿‍♀️ The original poster may add new participants📎 Attachments🔔 On-site and email notifications🔎 Local search📁 Inbox, Draft, Spam, and Trash folders📝 Optional collaborative editing of the first post


    Developer is an app specifically created for developers. Gain access to a range of exclusive functions that provide deeper control over site settings.With the Developer app, you can easily modify settings that are typically inaccessible, as well as restore and recompile language files. The extended builder for Pages, Menus, and Forms includes a SQL dump feature that enables insertion into module install/uninstall SQL files.Please Note: Use of the Developer Module is only recommended for those with suitable skills as it is possible to break the site through the module. 


    A full-featured Community Forum module for public and members-only categorised discussions. The UNA Discussions app is a forum & discussions module that can turn your website into a lively conversation hub. Interaction with other UNA features means you can comment on discussions, react to them, categorise them, embed links, pics and videos, embed discussions into groups or apply hashtags using Channels. The Discussion Module has customisable settings and the option to enable Category Visibility (managed via the Permissions Module) so that certain Discussions can only be viewed by designated user levels.As a Reddit AlternativeReddit is a social sharing website that markets itself as the 'front page of the internet.' With simple configuration you can create a member site just like Reddit, allowing your users to create and respond to discussions - perhaps your Discussions Forum will be centred around a single topic, a series of topics, or users can create their own groups and have discussions around whatever topic is of interest to them.As a Quora AlternativeQuora is an elaborate forum where users can post questions around any topic and other users can answer them, with all users voting upon the best and most useful responses, which are then featured for future users. UNA Discussions along with Upvotes and Downvotes can give similar functionality, giving you the infrastructure to create your own question and answer forum.Key Features:🏷 Categories#️⃣ Hashtags☝️ Featured Discussions📎 Attachments🔍 Local search🗺 Sitewide search support👍 Likes📈 Views count🔁 Reposting🔗 Social sharing📝 WYSIWYG editor📜 List of participants🛎 Notifications📌 Pinned Discussions🔒 Locking Discussion🙈 Hiding Discussions⏳ Timeline integration


    English language translation for all CoreApps and PowerApps made by UNA Inc. Translated all interface texts, including buttons, menu links, alerts, forms, and titles. Regularly updated with every UNA release.


    The Events module is a powerful tool that enables both standard users and site admins to easily plan and manage any type of event within their UNA community. Whether it's a conference, meeting, workshop, or a social gathering, the Events module makes it easy for you to create and manage events that will help bring your community together. Events can be in person or based online by integrating UNA’s own Streams module. Events comes equipped with advanced features like event calendars, RSVP functionality, recurring events and much more, making it the perfect tool for organizing and managing events. With Events, you can take your community to the next level by creating and hosting engaging events that will keep your users coming back for more.Key features and supported objects📆 Events calendar🗺️ Maps integration to show location of in-person events📹 Integrate the Streams module for live, online events🔁 Recurring event function - set Intervals based on days/weeks/months or years🕓 Set the time zone for the event start/end date/time, and it will be displayed in the user's local time🎗️ RemindersAlso contains all of the same features as UNA’s Group module:🛠️ Flexible Event Settings: Allows users to assign special privacies and well as create public, closed, and secret events to suit their specific needs and preferences.📜 Easy Event Management: Keep track of all event members with a list of joined members and manage every event with join confirmations, join invitations, and sophisticated permissions controls for different member roles.⏳ Event Timeline: A comprehensive timeline for an event which allows users to keep track of all the latest updates, announcements, and conversations.🗣️ Event Discussions: A discussion forum that is specific to each individual event. Only members who have joined that event can participate in the forum.💬 Event Messaging/Chat: Event members can communicate with each other in real-time with the event chat feature, which allows for seamless communication and collaboration.💰 Paid Events with Subscriptions: Create paid events with subscriptions, which provides the ability to generate revenue from the community.✉️ Invitations: The built-in invitation system makes it easy to invite new members to join the event.🛎️ Integration with Notifications: Seamlessly integrates with notifications, including push notifications, and other modules, ensuring that users stay on top of all their event activities.

    Facebook Connect

    Enable users to join your site using their Facebook account.

    Google Connect

    Enable users to join your site using their Google account. 


    UNA’s Groups Module is the perfect tool for building a thriving online community! Whether your members are looking to connect with like-minded individuals, promote their business or brand, share knowledge and expertise, socialize with friends and family, or all of the above, the Groups Module has got them covered. With easy-to-use features for creating, managing, and engaging with your group members, you'll be able to cultivate a strong sense of community and foster meaningful conversations around shared interests and passions.Key features and supported objects🛠️ Flexible Group Settings: Allows users to assign special privacies and well as create public, closed, and secret groups to suit their specific needs and preferences.📜 Easy Group Management: Keep track of all group members with a list of joined members and manage every group with join confirmations, join invitations, and sophisticated permissions controls for different member roles.⏳ Group Timeline: A comprehensive timeline for a group which allows users to keep track of all the latest updates, announcements, and conversations.🗣️ Group Discussions: A discussion forum that is specific to each individual group. Only members who have joined that group can participate in the forum.💬 Group Messaging/Chat: Group members can communicate with each other in real-time with the group chat feature, which allows for seamless communication and collaboration.💰 Paid Groups with Subscriptions: Create paid groups with subscriptions, just like a Patreon clone, which provides the ability to generate revenue from the community.✉️ Invitations: The built-in invitation system makes it easy to invite new members to join the group.🛎️ Integration with Notifications: Seamlessly integrates with notifications, including push notifications, and other modules, ensuring that users stay on top of all their group activities.

    LinkedIn Connect

    Enable users to join your site using their LinkedIn account.


    Multiply your community engagement levels - send configurable notifications for all events, actions and reactions. Most UNA modules integrate with the Notifications app, supporting On-Site, Push and Email Notifications.🔴 On-Site NotificationsDedicated Notifications browsing pageNew/Seen statusesRed-alert bubbles, integrated with site-header and native apps launch-barNotifications preview slide-out for site headerAutomatic alerts count merging in Member menuReal-time alert badges with auto-close📱 Push NotificationsWebPush and Native Push supportIntegrated with OneSignal📨 E-mail NotificationsCustomisable email templatesIntegrates with transactional email provider or local SMTP server☑ - All notifications subscription settings can be pre-set for all members via Studio and individually re-configured by recipients.☑ - Native Push notifications work with UNA native iOS, Android, Win and Mac apps.☑ - Free OneSignal account is sufficient to enable Push notifications.


    This module is a profile app for Organizations. Users can create public or private company profiles with customisable information fields, profile picture, and cover photo. Works as an on-site identification and placeholder for various additional features provided by other apps (Timeline, Albums, Blogs, etc). Organization profiles can also function as a Group which allows personal profiles to join the organization as members and have different roles within it. Selected members can be granted permission to switch to the organization profile and act on behalf of the organization.Key features:🆔 Serves as a public or private site ID profile.⌛ Supports associated Timeline and Post to Timeline blocks.↔️ Symmetric “Befriend” connections.👀 Automatic “Follow” on befriending.➡️ Asymmetric “Follow” connection for updates subscription.


    The Payments App is used to process subscriptions and one time payments via the shopping cart and accepts payments in various currencies.The default UNA's Permissions (via Paid Levels App), Market App and Ads App are integrated with the Payments App. If you want to sell something in the Market, sell Paid Membership Levels on your site, or charge a joining fee for a Course, Event, Group, Organization or Space, you need to start by setting up the Payment App.By default PayPal, Stripe and Chargebee integrations are available. Another option is to use your site’s own internal currency via UNA’s Credits App.If you want to sell everything on behalf of a Main Seller, then activate Single Seller Mode via the Studio (Studio -> Payments -> Settings -> General -> Single seller mode).Don’t forget the Commissions feature which allows the site owner to automatically generate invoices to all site sellers once a month. This feature takes all of the seller's sales during the last period and calculates the necessary amount of commissions. The amount may be static, a percentage and/or depend on the seller's membership level. Notifications about new invoices will be seen in Account popup -> Invoices and can be paid via the standard Payments shopping cart.Key features:💰 Processes subscriptions and one time payments💷 Accepts various currencies🧮Paid Levels App📈 Market App📰 Ads App👩🏽‍🏫 Courses📆 Events👩‍👩‍👧‍👧Groups💼 Organizations🌌 Spaces🤝 PayPal, Stripe and Chargebee integrations available💎 Credits App👨‍💼 Single Seller Mode % Commissions


    Create Personal Profiles with collections of Friends and/or Followers ('symmetric' or 'asymmetric' connections respectively). Symmetric connections are reciprocated, e.g. 'Friends' and asymmetric connections are not reciprocal, e.g. 'Follows.’All social community sites (e.g., Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram) and Dating sites such as Tinder, Bumble or Plenty of Fish will employ a system such as this - it provides users the essential core capability to create a Personal Profile and connect with other Personal Profiles.Users can create public or private personal profiles with customisable information fields, profile picture, and cover photo. Works as an on-site identification and placeholder for various additional features provided by other apps (e.g., Timeline, Albums, Blogs, etc).It's important to understand that in UNA, Accounts and Profiles are separate - so it is possible for one user to have multiple profiles, including Organization profiles, that they can easily switch between.Key features:🎫 Serves as a public or private site ID profile⏳ Supports associated Timeline and Post to Timeline blocks↔ Symmetric “Befriend” connections👀 Automatic “Follow” on befriending➡️ Asymmetric “Follow” connection for updates subscription


    Inspire your community to publish blog-posts, stories, reviews and ideas. Posts is a content module that allows community members to create rich-text articles with media attachments such as polls, sounds and files as well as embedded media such as video embeds, multiple pictures, links, tables, lists, emoji, etc.The Posts module supports WYSIWYG editor allowing for rich formatting. Published entries appear in a dedicated "Posts" section in author profiles as well as in all contexts (Groups, Events, etc) to which they may be published. The Timeline module is fully integrated with Posts - a card is created in all relevant feeds when new Posts are published.Key features and supported objects:🗣️ Comments#️⃣ Hashtags🗃️ Categories📎 Attachments📰 Rich-text formatting🏷 Labels🛎️ Notifications📜 Feed cards✍🏾 Author block🔎 Browsing pages in Author profiles🔍 Browsing pages in context modules🆕 Browsing pages for Latest and Popular Posts⌚ Scheduled Publishing📹 Delayed publishing after video-attachment conversion🛠️ Reporting, editing, admin management tools💬 Embedded Messenger support📌 Featured PostsAs a Wordpress alternativePosts may be used as an alternative to Wordpress-like blog posts, with the additional benefit of integration with the other UNA platform features, such as Notifications, Social Profiles, Follow/Unfollow, Privacy, Permissions, Pages Builder, Timeline Feeds, Reactions, etc. Unlike the Wordpress blogging solution, the UNA Posts module provides fully integrated social-blogging functionality for multiple users, effectively creating a content-driven social network like Medium, Quora, Blogger, Tumblr, etc.As a Medium alternativeMedium is a popular blogging platform, allowing users to create their own blogs and leverage an existing audience. Medium does not provide software for creating independent blogs, let alone independent publishing communities. When you choose to use UNA Posts over Medium, you fully control and own the content, determine your own publishing standards and most importantly build your own audience that forms your community membership base. You can make your UNA Posts look and feel just as pretty as Medium posts using UNA Templates, Styles and Pages Builder.


    Profiler module measures different timings which help to detect bottlenecks on heavy loaded sites. Profiler measures the following:page load time and memorymenus generation timetemplates load timeinjections execution timeSQL queries execution timemodules service functions timeIt shows the information on each page, also it can be run in the background and send reports when a slow part is detected.


    Highly-customisable template, packed by default with UNA. Mobile-friendly horizontal navigation. Wigh minimalist look, designed for various style combinations.The Protean template features customizable Style sets, editable via UNA Studio.

    Quote of the Day

    Quote of the Day (QOD) App displays a quote from any source on the site. Updating the daily quotes occurs once a day automatically or manually. You may read more about how to install, configure and work with the App here.


    The Russian app provides translation into the Russian language for all of the Core Apps, Free Apps and Pro Apps made by UNA Inc. The app translates all interface texts including buttons, menu links, alerts, forms, and titles. It is regularly updated with every UNA release.Most of the UNA team members are native Russian speakers who update the Russian app with natural language keys. The interface is adjusted to adhere to modern language conventions.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Приложение "Русский" предоставляет перевод на русский язык для всех Базовых приложений, Бесплатных приложений и Профессиональных приложений, созданных компанией UNA Inc. Приложение переводит все тексты интерфейса, включая кнопки, ссылки в меню, предупреждения, формы и заголовки. Оно регулярно обновляется с каждым выпуском UNA.Большинство членов команды UNA являются носителями русского языка и обновляют приложение "Русский" с помощью родных языковых ключей. Интерфейс адаптирован в соответствии с современным использованием языка.

    SMTP Mailer

    The SMTP Mailer module empowers your UNA site to communicate 🗣effectively with your members. This system allows you to connect an external email infrastructure service such as Mandrill or Sendgrid to ensure that your emails don't get blocked by Spam Filters and land in the inbox of your members where they belong. 📮Using email notifications 🛎and customised emails to communicate 💬with your members is a powerful way of driving engagement and awareness, whilst notifications will still work without a 3rd party provider, for best results 🎯 it is recommended that one is used.


    Add content feeds to profiles, subscription feeds for homepage browsing and context-specific feeds for Groups, Events and Spaces. Supporting multiple feed types, two presentation methods and own content items - "Updates".Key Features:Outline Mode - Masonry-grid cards browsingTimeline Mode - Linear cards list with infinite scrollIn-place comments with configurable preloadingUpdates publishing - short-form content items with media attachmentsPromote - make posts visible in everyone's feeds, regardless of subscription statusPin - make a post visible before all other posts in feedsSubscriptions FeedPublic FeedNews FeedHot Feed

    Twitter Connect

    Enable users to join your site using their Twitter account.

    UNA Connect

    Enable users to join your site using account credentials from another UNA site.


    The UNA Wiki Module introduces an elegant & resourceful way to collate and present content within your UNA website. The Wiki structure enables you to compile Tutorials, How-To Guides, and Information Repositories of many types. Wiki structures have been made famous by Wikipedia, a global encyclopaedia repository, but can be utilised for many purposes.UNA Wiki supports the Macros system which enables UNA site owners to repurpose content from all across their site, and embed it natively into each Wiki page.For example a Wiki Post in UNA.IO about Timeline Module, could include a general description of the Timeline module and then embed selections from relevant Blog Posts on Timeline Module, Discussions around Timeline Module and perhaps even embed the Timeline Module UNA Market listing so users could read reviews and download the module right from that page.UNA Wiki supports collaborative editing based on user levels permissions, version revisions with rollback option, markdown editing, automated page generation from in-page links, friendly URLs, and more.

  • Pro Apps - advanced features to boost engagement and monetize your network.

    Premium modules, plugins, templates, languages and integrations - available in the UNA Apps Market or as part of the UNA Pro subscription.


    Monitor site growth, active users and popular content from directly within you UNA admin dashboard. Analytics app alleviates the requirement for 3rd party analytics integration by bringing analytics functionality directly into your UNA site. Monitor site growth, active users and popular content from directly within you UNA admin dashboard.


    API for backend.


    The new UNA default template, taking advantage of the TailwindCSS framework for consistent styling, seamless support of dark/light modes and modern design language.


    Dynamic realtime reporting and growth figures within your UNA site. With the visual displays ability to customise the look and content of the charts, you can see at a glance how your site is performing.Chart Module can display growth figures on every aspect of your site, you can see how your new signups are going, what content is performing and which of your users are the most active and popular.Within UNA Studio you can customize what data is displayed and where. You can embed Charts module into any page and control permissions for who has access to view it.Chart Module places at your finger tips all the data you need to truly understand your UNA site, and make the fine tweaks to keep your community humming.


    UNA is the engine for a world leading Learning Community System, where you can create a fully featured Learning Management System within your UNA Social Community. Utilising Courses, Classes & Tasks Modules together gives you the capability to create and deliver learning content on whatever topic to present within your community.


    Buy, Sell and take Commissions with an internal currency system in your UNA website.  As the site owner you have the ability to buy and sell Credits for price that you set. Credits  can be bought and sold for hard currency using your existing payment integrations such as PayPal or Stripe.Take a Commission: With Credits you can set the 'Buy' price as higher that the 'Sell' price which will enable you to take a commission on all sales within your site. 💵Create Bundles: The UNA site Operator can create Bundles of Credits for designated amounts - pre-selling currency that can be held by the user and utilised quickly within your site.UNA Credits  is an extremely useful feature for improving the User Experience / UX  for  purchasing goods and services through your site, once Credits are purchased using PayPal or Credit Card, the users can easily make purchases directly from their Credits Wallet 👛  By making it easier to purchase through your UNA site, you will ultimately encourage site users to spend more. Further to this, as the site owner you are empowered to regulate the buy and sell rates 🏦enabling you to further monetise your UNA website.


    ElasticSearch integration replaces build-in MySQL FULLTEXT or regular search with ElasticSearch. This integration requires ElasticSearch server.It can be useful for the sites with a lot of data to leverage search on another server and free MySQL from this task. Also ElasticSearch can return more relevant search results.If you are adding this module to the site with existing content, then you need to index all existing data, it can be done from ElasticSearch module configuration page in Studio.This module works with site search by keyword and don't work with custom search, but we'll add custom search support in the future.


    Upload, preview, share and review files within your UNA community.Files 9.0.0 Features- Categories- Multi-format preview- Automatic format recognition- Visibility control- Location setting- Comments- Direct download- Search in uploaded files 

    Font Awesome Pro

    2000+ icons at your fingertips that will freshen up the look of your site and give you a giant repository of icons that used directly within UNA Studio to customize the design of various UNA Modules including Navigations, Permissions & Forms.The Font Awesome Pro is the web's most popular icon set and toolkit with a a burgeoning collection, continually expanding with new icons to represent every look and occasion.There are icons for every style and every occasion, with light and solid options available for most icons.  You can see the full list of Icons at


    Glossary Module enables you to create a searchable glossary of terms for your site. You can create a custom dictionary, definitions or translations.Glossary Module within UNA makes it possible to manage permissions for what levels of users can publish and/or view Glossary terms. With this module you could create your own site built around custom definitions or add the glossary as an embellished function for your site.

    Google Tag Manager

    Google Tag manager integration allows you to add and update your own tags in UNA website for conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing, and more. 


    On-site messaging, engagement, and onboarding; segmented email campaigns; drip-campaigns; customer support and retention system, fully integrated with UNA.


    Are you looking to grow your community and increase engagement with your friends and colleagues? Look no further than Invitations, the powerful app that makes sending out invitations a breeze.With Invitations, you can set your entire site to "By Invitation Only" mode, making it perfect for exclusive communities or those who want to keep their community private. You'll have control over how many people join your community by limiting the number of available invitations for each member. And for potential new users, they can request an invitation that site admins can manage and respond to.But that's not all. With the Invitations management page, you can keep track of all invitations sent out and whether an invitation link has been used or not. This way, you'll know who has joined your community and who still needs to be invited. 


    Lucid template, a simple elegant theme, providing a Facebook-esque look and functionality to your UNA site. You can inspect a full demo site at 


    Create automatic Mailchimp lists from your site member registrations. Listens to opt-ins on signup. Can be used for Mailchimp automation emails, newsletters, and promotions. 


    Create your own Community Marketplace where your site members can sell downloadable digital products, services, subscriptions and combo-packages.Configure your UNA permissions to allow “vendors“ to post new products and standard users to buy them. Set your conditions for becoming a Vendor. Edit Categories and watch your Market grow!👩‍💻 Users can post their own products and collect payments💳 Multiple payment providers supported including PayPal, Stripe, Chargebee & UNA’s Credits App🗄 Market-wide product Categories#️⃣ Hashtags supported in product descriptions💸 Recurring payments with custom intervals supported for subscription sales💰 One time payments with permanent access📦 Bundles feature for combining multiple products for volume specialsThe Power of a Community MarketplaceThis is a Marketplace where multiple vendors can sell their products and can scale indefinitely. You don't have to worry about processing every order yourself and new products can come out all the time. Your community members are passionate about the theme of your site, and many will have something relevant to sell. The Community Marketplace is a great way to introduce monetization to a UNA powered website without bombarding members with annoying ads.#ecommerce #store #market #marketplace

    Mass Mailer

    Mass Mailer brings HTML email capabilities right into your UNA site. Create professionally styled emails using the WYSWIG editor or paste in your own styles. Include management Dashboard with ReportsCreate segments based on UNA user groups.Save time on syncing email lists with external email providersSave money of expensive subscription fees


    UNA Messenger is a responsive, mobile friendly, real-time chat/messenger and video conferencing system integrated directly into UNA. UNA Messenger allows members to create private talks, group talks and participate in conversations embedded directly into specific webpages through the 'Shoutbox' blocks.Realtime Chat, Direct Messaging (DMs) and Video Conferencing 🎥 between individuals and small groups is rapidly becoming a core function within social community interactions. UNA Messenger offers a slick interface and a host of features bringing a cutting edge Messaging service into the 💞heart of your social community website. UNA Messenger enables you to share files, images and video directly and privately between users, accessing photo library and phone cameras when used in the native app or mobile devices.The integration of Jitsi Meet offers a secure and free Zoom & Skype alternative, offering a host of features, supporting video conferencing up to 75 people, screen sharing, recording to Dropbox and live stream to YouTube.Using the 'Shoutbox' function UNA enables you to embed a Chat Directly into any web page. Many Groups focussed websites such as WeMe utilise Shoutbox functions to encourage informal realtime chat amongst members. Once users have commented in the Shoutbox 🙋‍♀️the Chat will automatically be added to their UNA Messenger - so they can continue with the discussion without having to revisit the webpage each time. There is the option to replace comments with Messenger Shoutbox to give your feedback a lively realtime feel.UNA Messenger is a rapidly developing module ⛏- with many new features planned for release in the near future. Technical:UNA Messenger is built upon a few different platforms and technologies (node js, websockets, push notifications) and requires Jot Server and Jot Messenger apps to be installed. Jot Server created as app for node js using real-time frameworks for websockets(Primus, SockJs). Jot Server can be installed on your server, you to install node js on your web hosting server and then install Jot Server (read more details about installation here).Features:Manually Create Talks with any user. Thus can be done from the UNA Messenger page using edit menu icon. Just click on it and type names and auto-completion ability helps to easily find all members by their names.Edit participants list by talk owner or admin. Each talk has settings and allows members to change them for their needs. Below you may see available option:Add Participants (if you talk owner or admin)Delete talk (if you are the talk owner or admin)Leave talk. This option allows to leave talk for any participants.Mute. This option allows to stop getting push notification on members devices from which they visited your site. Remove and Repost each message. Repost option allows to resend members history messages of any available talk to any member. You just need to hover on a message, click on Copy link to the jot icon and then send it to any other member via Jot Messenger. If you want to delete a message, just click on close icon near each talk message.Search talks by keywords and titles. In left side block of main messenger page, you may see search box. It allows to find talks by content.Use UNA Messenger blocks on pages with comments and modules pages based on profile module (Groups, Events).Filter existed talks list by talk types. By default available: General, Private, Sets, Groups, Events.Allows to watch on members' statuses. By default, there are 3 types: Online (green circle), Away - (orange circle), Offline - (empty bordered circle)Allows to get standard UNA notification, sound notifications and one signal push notifications about new messages. You may read details about how to setup web push notifications here for http and https sites.UNA Messenger has an integrated emoji library with many smiles sets. Site Operators can disable/enable the ability to type smiles manually instead of picking them up from popup block.Video Chat / Jitsi Meet FeaturesFull support of WebRTC - the open standard of web communication.Supports up to 75 online participants.Record meetings to Dropbox.Livestream to YouTube.Share screen, presentations & built in chat.Sync Messenger Chat with Jitsi Chat (optional).Create custom meeting URLs & passwords.Invite people to join from outside your UNA community.Use the Free Jitsi Meet Server or create your own.A host of configuration settings available within UNA Studio


    Nexus is the UNA Mobile Apps and Desktop apps connector. Nexus gives you the ability to turn your UNA website into a Native Mobile App, 📱with full mobile interactivity and 🔔push notifications.🔑With Native Apps your site enters the next dimension of capability and user interactivity 📈- push notifications and native components create a seamless UX and drive user engagement. ⚒Using the UNA Pages Builder,  you can customise the look of your UNA site to present for mobile devices and then use the mobile apps to interact with the site, providing an optimised version of the site - this can then be used as a basis for a custom mobile app.💡The Nexus module adds necessary styles and functionality for proper functionality of UNA Nexus apps. Installing this module isn't enough, you need to get the source code of mobile apps then modify ✍🏾them for your needs before self-publishing through Google and Apple stores. Mobile Apps publication support and customisation is available within X Level Development and Managed Plans. 🤝Instructions on how to create and publish your UNA Mobile Apps - apps source code - apps source code - Module Block in Pages Builder can be selected to display in Mobile Apps or not.

    OAuth2 Server

    oAuth API integration for running your UNA site as an oAuth2 authentication server.

    Paid Levels

    By default, users are unable to change their own membership levels, while administrators and/or moderators can change a member's level. However, with the Paid Levels app, it is possible to sell membership levels to members.You can set prices for different time periods (days, weeks, months, years) for a particular level. You can also have multiple pricing options for one level. In addition, it is possible to set a free trial period and free levels (which can be switched to without payment).This module requires the Payments app to sell memberships.


    Photos App gives you the ability to create an Instagram style photo share resource within your own UNA community. Instagram is one of the worlds most popular photo sharing platforms, enabling users to create 🤳🏾, upload, categorise, discover follow and share photo 📷 content of all types. Photos App allows users to upload single or multiple images, organise by categories and manage visibility 🙈 settings.


    Plyr is a next generation video player offering a new realm of capabilities with video in UNA including new player controls, PIP, speed control and ad-syndication.📺 The Picture in Picture (PIP) capabilities enable you to pop out your video, 🖱move it around the screen and continue watching as you view the page. Speed Control ⏩ give you the capability for users to speed up 🐇or slow down 🐢 their video playback and ad-syndication gives an unprecedented opportunity to monetise video views via advertising.Plyr Module 📽gives you the capability to build your own YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. You can create an immersive video experience within your website, allowing users to publish, share, follow and comment upon their own videos and the video of their friends.Plyr is Open Source MIT licensed software, fully integrated with the UNA Core and provides extensive opportunities for enhancing your use of video within your UNA website.


    Create surveys, polls, voting - collect feedback from community and let your members ask their own questions. Polls 9.0.0 Features- UNA categories- UNA visibility control- UNA location setting- UNA comments- Multiple answer options- Picture attachments - Anonymous voting- "Hide results until voted"- Animated results chart


    🚀💬 Rocket.Chat provides your site’s users with real time chat capabilities.Integrated Rocket.Chat can be used on a separate page (on subdomain) or within an iframe on any UNA page.Key features:👩🏾‍💻 Chat with your colleagues and friends face-to-face over audio and video📈 Have your website visitors contact you in real-time and increase conversions📂 Drag-and-drop files or select them from your computer or mobile device🎙️ Record and transmit voice messages to a channel, group or private conversation🔗 Post a link and immediately view its content⬇️ Native applications available for download on Linux, Windows and OSX📱 Mobile client applications available for iOS and Android on their respective stores🤝 Single-sign-on integration with UNA accounts🖼️ Integrated usernames and profile photos pulled from UNA profilesRocket.Chat requires its own server, which needs to be setup separately. After installation, the Rocket.Chat UNA App and the Rocket.Chat server need to be connected with each other. 


    Integration with the worlds leading ecommerce solution. Create a powerful ecommerce portal within your UNA website, with inventory management, fulfilment, shipping, and secure payment gateway tools, as well as a simple drag and drop interface for designing your shopfront. Ideal for selling hard good within your UNA website. 


    Create a full featured community marketplace for physical goods, integrated with the world's best shopping cart platform - SnipCart. SnipCart is a shopping cart app for payment processing, delivery and tracking.Site members can create SnipCart accounts, enter API keys on your site and start selling items. Alternatively, you can limit selling to admins only and operate it as a site store.SnipCart account and API key is required.Key features:🏷 Categories🖼️ Images💲 Prices⚖️ Weight📍 Location🚚 Delivery🐾 TrackingImplementation Instructions


    The idea of Spaces is very simple - this module enables you to 'nest' groups (in this case Spaces) one inside another. With multiple 'Child Spaces' able to be created within each 'Parent Space'. It is possible to have multiple 'Parent Spaces' , each with their own set of 'Child Spaces.'There is no designation beyond this but the scope is enormous.Ultimately Spaces is a system of architecture that enables you to clearly and simply establish clear arrangement and taxonomy within your UNA site.Within each Child Space you are able to create the full range of normal posts, design pages and manage content as you would in other normal UNA Group.Each Space has it's own set of permissions and members, enabling you and your users to control their membership at each level. List of joined membersJoin confirmationInvitationsGroup messagingEvent's locationSpecial privacies, such as closed and secret spacesSpaces module will enable you within your website to create various Communities, and within those Communities, you can create 'Sub-Communities', within those Sub-Communities members can post the full range of normal posts.For example, if you were making a site on International Soccer/Football you could make a Parent Spaces of Countries, the child spaces could be the Football teams. So if a member followed the country - they would automatically join all of the teams in that country, or they could choose to just follow the individual teams  


    Tap into the power of live streaming with the new Streams module on your UNA site. Connect with your members on a whole new level and give them the opportunity to do the same within the community.This is a full stack system completely in your control where you have your own server, you can connect to your own rtms and stream to your own site. OvenMediaEngine and NGINX are the two options for streaming servers where you can stream directly from the browser (including mobile browsers) as well as from from the software itself.Streams is a content module whose visibility can be set to either public, just for the user’s followers, or for a selected audience. When the stream is live, it will appear in the corresponding feeds based on the selected visibility. Live Streams appear in a dedicated "Streams" section in author’s profile as well as in all contexts (Groups, Events, etc) to which they may be published. The Timeline module is fully integrated with the Streams module - a card is created in all relevant feeds when new streams are live. Once the stream is no longer live, these cards disappear.The Events Module allows users to let their audience know about upcoming live streams so they can save the date. Users can record their live streams and make the recordings available via the Videos Module.Ask the UNA team about our service to help set up your streaming server today!Key features and supported objects🗣️ Comments#️⃣ Hashtags🗃️ Categories🛎️ Notifications🏷 Labels⭐ Favourite Streams📌 Featured Streams📜 Feed cardsℹ️ Info block✍🏾 Author block🛠️ Reporting, editing, admin management tools💬 Embedded Messenger Support🏗 Supports webrtc💻 Stream directly from the browser or from a program/software🎏 Supports multiple stream so user can choose the quality👁️ Can control the visibility📹 Recording capabilities📼 Supports Video Module for providing recordings for audience👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 Can be included in Groups, Spaces and Events modules

    Stripe Connect

    Process Marketplace payments via Stripe Connect. #StripeConnect handles multi-user payments, identity verification, tax reporting, and more. Requires #Stripe account


    Tasks Module enable users to develop project management capabilities within their UNA community. Tasks ✅ are an UNA Content Module that can be created & assigned within any Context Module, such as Groups, Spaces or Courses. Tasks can be assigned to individuals or all members of group or course, and can be utilised for Assignments, Reminders 💡 and To Do lists. Tasks are arranged in Lists 📋 , with each task being sorted in task lists, it is possible to create complex Learning and Project Management capabilities.


    Videos App is focused on YouTube-like video sharing. Create a library of video content that can be viewed, reviewed and shared, in the same way as YouTube or Vimeo. Users can upload and manage their own video 📹 content, site could be open or perhaps focussed on a particular interest or genre. Videos 📽 can be categorised using UNA Context capabilities of groups, spaces, categories, channels / hashtags or labels. Use the slick Plyr media player to create smooth video playback 📺 with advanced features such Speed Control ⏪ ⏩ and Picture in Picture viewing.  

  • Apps Market - apps and integrations from independent developers.

    The UNA Market features modules, tools, languages, templates and service packages from our incredible community of developers and agencies.

    "Kordon"- Mix for "Protean" template

    Compatible with: UNA10Demo: Link to the live demoLogin details:Email: tester@tester.comPassword: ABC123abcNote:Images from the demo are not included in the package.#theme #mix #template #OWVisuals #UNA10 #proteanMIX #protean

    Affiliate System

    This system comprises a set of the most powerful and useful Affiliate and Referrals tools. It is intended to assist site vendors to attract unlimited number of real paying members. You can use system both standard linear referral and advanced affiliate matrix system. In matrix mode it is possible to create for members any number of own matrices with defined number of users levels in it. Registered members can invite new users using personal referral links, banners code, direct email messages, social sharing. Affiliate System is integrated with UNA payment system, thus allows to pay earned commission to members through the site. If you have our Point System it is possible to use points and money as commission and it is also possible to use only points without real money payouts. Main administration abilities:Create Affiliate programs depends on existed membership levels. Affiliate Program allows to enable/disable matrix and linier referral algorithm.There are four activity types for sponsors to earn commission from referred members:New profile joinReferred profile's membership upgradePurchases in Market moduleAny other purchases through the site cartCommissions values can have both static values and percentage of the spent price on the site (membership price, good's price in store and etc... ). In matrix mode, it is possible to set commission for each matrix level independently.    2. Manage profiles information. Admin has comprehensive interface to control earned commissions, invited members, affiliate statistic and etc.3. Create Banners for members to embed. Each member can get own unique banners' js code to insert to any page of any site. This special code allows to track three banners' activity and for each of them admin can set commission.Banners activity:joined member banner's impressionbanner's clickIt is possible to set commission in defult currency or in points (if you have Point System).4. Manage commissions requests. Admin has area to process members' commissions payout requests. It is possible to pay to the members through the site in case if member defined payment settings in account details or to process commission manually.We have added description for each field in studio and hope it will help to understand how to use each option. Main users abilities:Members have four Affiliate System pages with functions:Dashboard page contains the most important info for members. Information about current active program, earned commission, direct referral link and ability to send email invitations or share referral link in Twitter or Facebook and etc...Referrals page contains info about all invited profiles and search function. In matrix mode it is possible to view matrix tree.Statistic page allows to view the all details about referred members' activity and their earned commission with search function.Banners' page allows to view details about used banners, earned commission and to get personal banners' code.We have tried to make users interface simple, functional and clear for members.Difference between linear referral and matrix algorithms.How linear referral algorithm works:For example:  You as admin can set as commission $1 for each referred member . If any registered member invites 10 new members, then earned commission for join is 10 x $1 = $10. In case if you have Points System, you can set points instead of money or to use both. So, now sponsor profile can get commission for each paid action (membership upgrades, purchases on the site) performed by any of these 10 invited members, depends on admin settings.Forced Matrix Income:For example: You (as admin) can create matrix 3x8 members. When member A refers 3 new members, then Level 1 in matrix 3x8 will be complete. When one of these 3 members refers another 3 members, Level 2 with 9 members of matrix will be also complete and so on till Level 8. Of course, members from each level can continue to refer members and they will be added to appropriate level. Any future referred member will be automatically placed under of existed referred members, forcing the matrix to fill up to 8 levels deep. Up-line Members from matrix can get the commission for every paid action or new member in matrix from down-line members. Member from Level 1 gets commission for members from Level 2 – Level 8, members from Level 2 for members from Level 3 – Level 8 and so on.There is flexible system of settings for admin which allows to set price or percentage for referrals activity on each level. There is the example for matrix 3x8 below:Level  People Amount Income 1 3 $1,00 $3,00 2 9 $1,00 $9,00 3 27 $1,00 $27,00 4 81 $1,00 $81,00 5 243 $1,00 $243,00 6 729 $1,00 $729,00 7 2187 $1,00 $2 187,00 8 6561 $1,00 $6 561,00 Total: 9840 $9 840,00 So, each member can get $9,840.00 by filling own matrix and how fast the members get $9,840.00 depends on how well they advertise their referral link or affiliate banner. It is possible for members to start to fill new matrix when they fill default one.There are many different ways how to reward members with commission. For example you can reward members only with percentage of the spent price by their referred members on the site. Our Points System allows to reward members only with points for referred members' activity. What is matrix option - Spillover:Using any referral link or banner new members can join and they will be automatically placed into the sponsor matrix. Following above example, if we have matrix 3X8, each member can have only 3 people directly invited in own matrix in down-line level, but what to do if this member invites more then 3 profiles? If you are sponsor of more than 3 members, your new members will be placed under your other recruits to help them get started. This is called spillover. So, not only you can refer new profiles, your up-line and down-line members can help you to fill your personal matrix. Members can communicate with their invited members and teach them how to invite new members.#AQBSoft #Affiliate #Referrals #Payment #Refer #Commission #Matrix #Points #Tools

    AI-powered Content Moderation

    Lasso Moderation brings the power of AI to protect your platform, tackling 99% of content moderation tasks. Our platform also offers an extensive moderation dashboard for that crucial 1%, where humans can efficiently and effectively moderate at scale. Keep your user experience safe and clean with Lasso.Easily Integrate Lasso Moderation with UNA, no code changes are required, just get an API key and get started.Use CasesLasso moderation can help protect your brand and safeguard your user experience. We specialize in the following use cases:Chat platforms: We prevent harmful or illicit content from coming on your platform, ensuring user safety and the trustworthiness of your brand.Social media platforms: We stop the spread of misinformation, hate speech, or harmful content, maintaining a positive community atmosphere and protecting the platform's reputation.Dating apps: We safeguard users from inappropriate content, harassment, or catfishing, ensuring a safe and genuine dating experience.Online marketplaces: We maintain the integrity of product listings and prevent fraudulent activities, ensuring trust between buyers and sellers.Communities: We foster constructive discussions and prevent trolling or divisive behavior, ensuring a cohesive and supportive community environment.Online Events: We manage inappropriate behavior like indecent exposure or other explicit content during live sessions, ensuring a professional and distraction-free event experience.FeaturesAdvanced AI Moderation:Text moderation: Automatically spam, toxicity, profanity, threats, and other harmful content using AIImage & Video moderation: Automatically detect nudity, violence, drugs, and other harmful content using AIAudio moderation: Automatically transcribe audio and detect harmful contentAdvanced dashboard for human moderatorsUser level moderationAutomatically detect text in imagesUser reportsModeration audit logsTeam collaborationLink detection: Detect URLs, phone numbers and QR CodesModeration analytics and reportsIntegration StepsInstall the UNA anti-spam module: on Lasso Moderation, you should see the following fields:Go to your Lasso Moderation dashboard: API Keys, create a new API key:Copy the API key and paste this in the UNA dashboardCopy the Webhook URL from the UNA dashboardIn the Lasso Moderation Dashboard -> Setting -> Webhooks, create a new webhook with the URL you just copied:Enable the webhook and copy the webhook secret by clicking on the copy iconPaste the webhook secret into the UNA dashboard under Webhook SecretDone! Your integration with UNA is complete. You can now set up rules within Lasso to start moderating your content. If you need help getting started with this, please reach out!

    Black Lists

    By default, UNA has Privacy engine which allows a member to limit his content's visibility to some group of people (visitors, common members, etc). But sometimes it's needed to block only one or more undesirable members.The Black Lists app adds this Very important feature to your UNA based site. Your users would be able to block undesirable member(s). Blocked member cannot view a content (posts, polls, ptoducts, etc.) of blocking member.New in Version 2.0.0:Now your users would be able to block countries which they don't want to be viewed from. It means that if User1 blocked some country and User2 specified this country in his profile's location (default Location field) then User2 won't be able to see profile and content of User1.New in Version 2.5.0:1. Common users cannot block advanced users (moderators and administrators)2. Manage Tools. Advanced users may view cross profiles blocks and remove them if it's necessary.New in Version 3.0.0:1. Integration with #Timeine. Blocked member cannot see blocker's posts in Timelines.2. Integration with standard browsings. Blocked member cannot see blocker's posts in latest, top, popular, etc lists.3. So called 'Cross mode'. When it's enabled (Studio -> Black Lists -> Settings -> 'Filter out blocked member's content' setting) blocker member won't see the content of blocked member too.New in Version 3.5.0:1. Integration with #Messenger. Blocked member cannot contact with blocker using #Messenger app.New in Version 4.0.0:1. Works under UNA 13.2. Allows to make the blocker's comments blurry for blocked member(s). If 'Filter out blocked member's content' setting is enabled, then comments of blocked members will be blurry for a blocker too.#profiles, #block, #ban, #black_list, #content, #AQBSoft


    Light template is a simple lightweight theme, which provides popup based main menu. Submenus appear on mouse over, that makes site navigation faster.#template, #theme, #popup, #menu, #AQBSoft


    The module allows YOU and YOUR users to post news.The features list:Post news.Use categories to organize news better.Specify location (if it's needed).Attach image which can help to describe the news better.Postponed publishing.Each News has its own page with Breadcrumbs, Content, Share buttons, Comments, etc blocks.Share a page in social networks.Use Privacy settings to control the access to news view page.Use Privacy settings to control who can comment news.Recent News on site's home page.News home page and the other browsing pages.Manage news tool, which allows to easily manage your own news in one place.News module was integrated with default UNA's Timeline module.Autoapprove mode which can be turned on/off via Studio.Administration panel in Studio.Use UNA's ACL to control the access to module related actions, like create news, browse news, etc. By default Moderator and Admininstrator profiles can create news. It can be changed via Studio -> Permissions.#news, #images, #location, #share, #rate, #AQBSoft


    The App allows your members to create any type of pages, like business, fan, entertainment, information, etc. It has some special and unique features which allow to make the unique page with it's own description and layout. Your members will like our Pages App because it's powerful and userfriendly in the same time.Main features:Create a page.Use Custom Desription Fields. As was mentioned above the module allows to create pages with different orientation. In this case it's critical to have possibility to provide the description which is unique for the page's orientation. For example, description fields of business page differ from the description fields of football fan page. So, the App allows your members to add any number of custom fields to describe the page as better as possible.Use categories (Animals & Pets, Business & Money, Fan Clubs, etc) to organize pages better.Specify location (if it's needed).Each page can has its own Cover and Thumbnail images. Also you may attach additional images which can help to describe a page better and also make it more attractive.Share a page's view page in social networks.Use Privacy settings to control an access to a page's view page.Comment on a page.Browsing capabilities:Latest Pages block on home page.Latest Pages page.Popular Pages page.In UNA's Timeline.etc.Manage pages tool, which allows to easily manage your own pages in one place.And many others.#extensions, #pages, #business, #interests, #fans, #share, #AQBSoft 

    Photo Contests

    The App adds a new interesting feature on your site. It will allow your users to create photo contets. Contest author may not take part in the competition, but if he wants he can became a one of the competitors. A contest may have 2, 3 or 4 competitors. The max number of competitors for the contest is selected by its author during the creation. A contest automatically starts when necessary number of competitors was collected. When contest was started the other site members may vote and/or comment for contest's photos. During the contest creation the author should select its duration (in days). The duration starts to decrease immediately after the contest collected necessary number of competitors (started). When duration ends the contest will be automatically finished and competitors collect their scores.Main features:Create a photo contest.Use categories to organize contests better.Specify location (if it's needed).Attach image which can help to describe a contest better and also make it more attractive.Each contest has its own page with user friendly layout.Share a contest's page in social networks.Use Privacy settings to control an access to a contest view page and contest participation.Vote for some photo and comment it on afterwords.Comment on a contest itself. User may do it without giving his vote to some photo.Author and all competitors will be notified when contest was started/finished.Browsing capabilities:Recent Contests block on home page.Recent Contests page.Popular Contests page.Using categories.Using search by keyword.In UNA Timeline.etc.Manage contests tool, which allows to easily manage your own contests in one place.Administrator can limit a number of possible competitors (photos) per contest.#extensions, #contets, #competitions, #photos, #opinions, #AQBSoft

    Points System

    It is flexible and comprehensive system to monetize user's activities. In other words, it allows to reward members with points for their activities. You can guide members' #activity to any part of the site and make them more active in : posting comments, creating posts, voting, sending friends requests, uploading videos, events, etc… Members can also get points levels according to their points balance. Now points values can be both integer and float (floating point values with precision of 8 digits) values, thus you may use points as #crypto or #digital currency with minimal value 0.00000001Main user abilities: 1) Earn/Lose points for the listed actions2) Buy points for real money3) Exchange points to real money4) Give points to other members5) View history6) View site's notifications about just got/lost points using dropdown menu with details. 8) Reach points levels Main administration abilities:1) Set exchange rate for purchasing points for money 2) Set exchange rate for exchange points to money3) View/edit users history4) Set floating-point precision for points values5) Full control of users' activity. Ajax panel allows to edit already existed or to add new actions to the module and set points for each participant who can be involved to the action. For example: when you send new message in conversation there are two users who can earn points: first - person who sents and 2nd - who gets the message. Another example: if you have new talk in #JotMessenger and someone adds new participant to the talk, then 3 members can get different amount of points: talk's owner, person who adds the new person and new person. 6) Allows to process members' requests to exchange points to money manually or pay throw the site using available payment providers7) Set restrictions on number of the action execution during 24 hours. For example: you may set 3 times per day for photo uploading and then member will be able to get points only for 3 uploaded photos during 24 hours. 8) Reward/Penalize members with any number of points. For example: An active member creates a lot of unique and useful content, you as admin can present any number of points like 100 points with message - "Good Job". Then member will get 100 points and see the message in history. Members can get notification by email about presented points from admin/members. Admin can disable/enable emails notifications via admin panel. 9) Points System can detect just installed modules and allows to add the action or grab already existed from Alerts table automatically. In this case you just need to fill the points values for the actions. Full actions control: disable/enable module with actionsdisable/enable an actionadd action to the moduleadd person for each action to get/lost pointsdropdown list which helps to add users to alert's participants list or to add your own value. 10) Can create any number of point levels with their points' range, names and avatars.Next update with new abilities is coming soon :) #AQBSoft #Points #PointsSystem #Payment #Activity #Exchange #Cryptocurrency #Currency #BTC #Wallet #Withdraw

    Profile Cards

    This module allows to use an alternative custom #styles for #profiles #cards across the site - both #Persons and #Organizations. It also allows to display various profile related information (like, for example, Age, Country, City, Category and any other field, including custom fields) directly on a profile's card. The module adapts to a site's #template automatically which means that fonts, backgrounds and boxes' styles of the profiles cards across the site will vary and will be styled accordingly to a template/mix you're using and its settings.The module also provides an extended support for meta menu on profile cards. For example it is possible to create a "Message" button with an onclick handler  window.location.href=sUrlRoot+'page/messenger?profile_id={profile_id}';on a profile card which will be opening the Messenger page with a member (no need to visit profile first in order to click the "Message" button).#AQBSoft

    Profile Completeness

    This app is useful for site owners and common site members. Purchasing the app you'll get the possibility to notify your site members to complete their profiles which in turn makes your site more intersting to use. In the same time common site members would be notified (seeing 'Profile Completeness' block) to complete their profiles which will help them to find more friends and so on.By default the app was intergrated with Persons and Organizations apps and adds 'Profile Completeness' block on Dashboard page which can be copied on any page you want using Studio Pages app.Also the app allows to set different weights for profile fields. It means that you may make some fields more important. For example, Full Name and Gender may be more important (bring more percents to completeness) than Location.Another useful feature is that the app was integrated with default Notifications app. It allows to notify site members to complete their profiles. Notifications will be sent directly on the site, via email, using Push notifications (if it's configured).#profiles, #fields, #completeness, #persons, #organizations, #AQBSoft


    The App adds a new interesting feature into your site. It will allow you (as administrator) and your users to create quizzes with multiple questions. Each quiz may have any number of questions and in the same time each question may have one or more correct answers. Answers are given to user and he needs to select correct one(s) using check boxes. Statistics of already passed quizzes are stored in the database and available for both common members and admin. The App has different browsing capabilities including a block with the most recent quizzes on home page.The features list:Add quiz.Attach image which can help to describe the quiz better.Each quiz has its own page with Breadcrumbs, Content, Share buttons, Comments, etc blocks.Share a quiz in social networks.Use Privacy settings to control the access to a quiz view page.Recent quizzes on site's home page.Quizzes home page and the other browsing pages including search.Manage quizzes tool, which allows to easily manage your own quizzes in one place.Quizzes App was integrated with default UNA's Timeline module.Administration panel in Studio.Use UNA's ACL to control the access to the app related actions, like create quiz, browse quizzes, etc.#tests, #questions, #answers, #opinions, #examination, #knowledge, #AQBSoft 


    This module allows to keep an eye on all #communication happening on your site. You can define the list of key phrases (#spam, scam, threat, unquotable words, malicious code, etc.) and the module will report any message that will contain any of those key phrases. Optionally it can automatically suspend author's profile till further review. It checks #messages in #Discussions, #Messenger, #Conversations modules and also in all #Comments site-wide. It also tracks and reports duplicate messages.In addition there are "Paranoia" settings - rules which allow to analyze and react to anything posted to your server anywhere (regardless of a page). This can be very useful to track some most common spam phrases or malicious code samples globally for the entire site and react if necessary (just notify, prevent data from being posted and redirect a member or suspend profile or delete profile or even delete the entire account).#AQBSoft


    If you are working with your site configuring, updating or changing something this app can be extremely helpful for you. The first version of the app includes the following tools:Maintenance mode switcher - it allows you to close your site for visitors for some time. See screenshot №1. Note, while Maintenance mode is enabled you (as Studio Operator) will be able to use the site without any restrictions. The tool can be enabled in two modes: Full and Lite.1.Full - visitors will see just a message in a frame. See screenshot №2. You may use it when you are working with PHP code making some serious chages because this mode uses minimum of UNA resources.2. Lite - visitors will see standard UNA's header, footer and a message in a frame. See screenshot №3. You may use it when you are working with UNA's content reorganizing pages, menus and so on.Structure backup - this tool allows you to create/restore backups of your site's structure. See screenshot №4. Backups can be created manually or automatically (every day, week, month). The tool allows to backup different parts of the site's structure:1. Settings - sys_options_types, sys_options_categories, sys_options, sys_options_mixes and sys_options_mixes2options tables.2. Pages - sys_pages_types, sys_pages_layouts, sys_objects_page, sys_pages_design_boxes and sys_pages_blocks tables.3. Menus - sys_menu_templates, sys_objects_menu, sys_menu_sets and sys_menu_items tables.4. Forms - sys_objects_form, sys_form_displays, sys_form_inputs, sys_form_display_inputs and sys_labels tables.5.Data Lists - sys_form_pre_lists and sys_form_pre_values tables.6. Search - sys_objects_search_extended and sys_search_extended_fields tables.7. Permissions - sys_acl_actions, sys_acl_actions_track, sys_acl_levels, sys_acl_levels_members and sys_acl_matrix tables.8. Grids - sys_objects_grid, sys_grid_fields and sys_grid_actions tables.Tracker - this tool allows you to check which files were modified. See screenshot №5. It allows you to understand whether auto-updates will work or not.#tools #maintenance, #construction, #temporary, #backup, #restore, #safe, #tracker, #AQBSoft

    Video Contests

    The App adds a new interesting feature on your site. It will allow your users to create video contets. Contest author may not take part in the competition, but if he wants he can became a one of the competitors. A contest may have 2, 3 or 4 competitors. The max number of competitors for the contest is selected by its author during the creation. A contest automatically starts when necessary number of competitors was collected. When contest was started the other site members may vote and/or comment for contest's videos. During the contest creation the author should select its duration (in days). The duration starts to decrease immediately after the contest collected necessary number of competitors (started). When duration ends the contest will be automatically finished and competitors collect their scores. Main features:Create a video contest.Use categories to organize contests better.Specify location (if it's needed).Attach image which can help to describe a contest better and also make it more attractive.Each contest has its own page with user friendly layout.Share a contest's page in social networks.Use Privacy settings to control an access to a contest view page and contest participation.Vote for some video and comment it on afterwords.Comment on a contest itself. User may do it without giving his vote to some video.Author and all competitors will be notified when contest was started/finished.Browsing capabilities:Recent Contests block on home page.Recent Contests page.Popular Contests page.Using categories.Using search by keyword.In Trident's Timeline.etc.Manage contests tool, which allows to easily manage your own contests in one place.Administrator can limit a number of possible competitors (videos) per contest.#extensions, #contets, #competitions, #videos, #opinions, #AQBSoft

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