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Can't apply upgrade because the following files were modified: modules/base/profile/classes/BxBaseModProfileGridAdministration.php

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If anyone is as slow as I am, there is a new update available.

Apparently it was released two days ago, but there are no official posts that I can find.

System Enhancements:

  • Domain validation in link auto attachment #4602
  • Password field: focus on show/hide password eye control upon tab after password field, not before #4512

Modules Enhancements:

  • Timeline: "For You" feed #4561
  • Antispam: Lasso Moderation service integration #4603
  • Notifications: setting for displayed content length #4582
  • Events: calendar enhancements #4559

24 total issues resolved

📷 Michel - 🌎 Meta-Travel 🌴 Community Hub

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Does anyone's auto updates work?

Sadly, things don't always go as planned.


Community Hub

Upgrade failed due to the following error:

Files copying failed


I've looked at past upgrade fails and didn't find any answer.

📷 Michel - 🌎 Meta-Travel 🌴 Community Hub

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UNA Community Websites members might want easy access to this. I haven't tried it out yet, but will give it a test drive and report my findings.

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Is anyone using Dolphin and UNA together?

I'm still attached to some of the things that Dolphin does (out of habit, I guess) but see UNA as the cleaner way forward.

The trick is to try and keep it simple, but the ability to make things more complex is still there.

📷 Michel - 🌎 Meta-Travel 🌴 Community Hub

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When posting a link to the the feed on our UNA community websites, how do we get the og:image to show up in the feed?

It works here, but not on my Meta-Travel Hub installation.

Are there any settings I need to change?

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If I'm reading things right, it looks like the UNA 13.1.0 update was released by Alex Trofimov yesterday.

Release 13.1.0 · unaio/una · GitHub

With that, hopefully UNA Pro Apps will now be free to download and use.

Pro Apps for Free? (una.io)

What's New in UNA 13 'Polaris'

UNA 13 "Polaris" Released

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I tried to start a conversation but the window remains "Connecting"


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What made you choose UNA to be your community management software, or are you still in the testing stages?

Have you used Dolphin or other software for managing your community before?

What are the pros and cons of different community management software in your opinion?

Maybe we can showcase examples of UNA Community Websites or your Dolphin site if you haven't made the move official.

Michel - Meta-Travel.com

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