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So - one thing I know is that as the platform gets more popular you will have many new members joining and asking for "help".  So with that in mind, I would like to remind new installers/members to use the search function when they have a problem - do this before posting your issue.  You will be surprised that your issue was already addressed by someone.

Mods and UNA experts - note the new members who post a question is really just seeking help and you may have answered the same question a hundred time... but it is the first answer they will see and that forms their opinion of the UNA community.

So be nice and patient everyone.  You will find your answer here.

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    • we are really sorry. Because managers and moderators have to write the same answers over and over again.

      the only problem is that you serve people from different countries with different spoken languages. As a Turkish-speaking person, I am struggling to write my problems by using language translation tools. I don't know which words are searched correctly. but be sure to be more careful. I am very pleased with your help. you deserve a lot of respect. thank you.

      • Rest assured it is a frequent problem. I remind you here of a tip that makes the search easier, especially when using a translator. Most search engines support it.
        Simply add "site: una.io" after your search. So you can search in natural language and benefit from the power of the search engine.


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