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So - one thing I know is that as the platform gets more popular you will have many new members joining and asking for "help".  So with that in mind, I would like to remind new installers/members to use the search function when they have a problem - do this before posting your issue.  You will be surprised that your issue was already addressed by someone.

Mods and UNA experts - note the new members who post a question is really just seeking help and you may have answered the same question a hundred time... but it is the first answer they will see and that forms their opinion of the UNA community.

So be nice and patient everyone.  You will find your answer here.

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After several installs and uninstalls of UNA I am finally warming up to the platform. I have ran my website on dolphin for about 7 years and, as most standalone sites, have seen a significant drop in traffic over the years thanks to facebook, and the like. I often wonder if it is worth the cost of the VPS to continue paying for and maintaining a website dedicated to the group of dogs know as the molossers.  That is still debatable.

Anyhow, I installed UNA recently and am plunking around in the system to learn more about it and have found it to be a very decent platform.  I will pay again for my VPS for one more year and try to breathe some life back into when I convert it over to UNA.  The UNA install is at

A couple wishes:

Be more responsive to questions in the forum

Take a look at the most popular modules on dolphin and make them free or one-paid on UNA.  I am not a fan of subscriptions.

Things like News, Photos and Articles should be included free or at least be reasonable priced on a one time basis for premium license holders

Reduce the size of those cards that hold peoples photos as the little round circle in the center - seems like a waste of space to me

speed, speed, speed up the system

Do whatever is needed to attract devs like modzzz and Deano over to UNA - I have about 25 modules from Modzzz and several from other dolphin devs.... would love to see them start developing for UNA.

Ok that was more than a couple.. :) 

The platform is maturing nicely so keep  up the good work.... Articles, News, Photos.  Articles, News, Photos.  One time payment of free. :) they are the cornerstone of my site so selfishly I need to see good modules on UNA before completely migrating.

Cheers All.


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