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I just tried to insert javascript, but it wont work.
When i use the php_block modul, the code is just ignored
I try to insert code via echo - no result
I try to insert via ?> CODE <?php - the same - don´t work
So how can i get full functionally php/javascript embedded as a site block?

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    • Hi, Martin-sso , i think Dolphin is dead, don't weast time on it, focus on UNA maybe lead you more easy to achieve your goals.

      • Thank you very much. But UNA is far from beeing ready to work with and the script i need is not available for UNA - i have waited now for month and i have to start my community. So, there is no other way to use Dolphin. But i found a funny solution. When i add the javascript into the normal "Text-Block" - it works IN HTML Mode not.
        I thik both are nearly dead UNA and Dolphin - but up to the year 2023 a lot of thinks can happen.
        Dolphin is more comfortable als a real CMS - i like it. Una is overloaded and when it comes to the administraton it is unpracticable.

        • UNA has so much more potential im sorry it did not work out for you dude but UNA is what boonex are focusing on now they will still support dolphin but there is only so much a system like dolphin can do or places it can go i like dolphin as well the only thing that was keeping me there was the modules so meany modules but una had what i needed more that 1000s of modules

          anyways peace out dude all the best i hope it works out for you


          • Yeah, sure - UNA is nice. But I like to build a affiliate matrix community and the module is not available for UNA and that means for me: wait until the sandman comes one day or use Dolphin meanwhile

            • i hear ya dude we follow our own path 👍 

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