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Who tested Jitsi Meet? How many people can communicate via video at the same time, for example, in Jitsi Meet via Jot messenger? On the Jitsi website it is indicated that up to 25 people, and on the UNA website I saw somewhere that 75 people.

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    • I don't know for Jisti Meet integration in Jot messenger, but I have been using it since Covid hit, either standalone on their website or embedded in Matrix chats. It's unreliable, the connection will stutter sometimes for no apparent reason (sound lost, image blocked) and last I used it with more than 10 participants (2 years ago), the last ones would be excluded from the room.

      It's a good alternative to Skype, if you use it as an alternative. That is, if you have a Skype account ready to fallback on.

      • Thanks for the answer✌ But Jisti is already built into UNA. You can see this when you click video chat in messenger or when you click video chat on a person's page. I was interested in how many people can simultaneously be in a video chat. Maybe @Alexey can help

        • Hello!

          Yes, I've read their documentation and several posts on their community forum a couple of years ago. They indicated 75 online people, but now may be it is another value like 100, because they have tried to make it so.

          Also this number depends on your server's configuration, you can use their free server for conferences which is not so powerful or to install your own with better settings.

          • I agree with this depends on your server's configuration if you need to have your jitsi server you can check this service https://una.io/view-product/jitsi-meet-jibri-server-installation

            • please repost the link without * . * at the end

                • hello friends,

                  As a professional doctor's platform we had quite a lot live web conference experiences during the pandemic.

                  After some (may be many :) ) failures let me share my experiences and the working solutions:

                  •    after doing some not good resulting setups we needed to seperate the lecturers and audience because if there are any problems with the server (attacks, nasty people) where many audience are this effected the all presentation.
                  •    for this we moved the lecturers out of the jitsi conference rooms to melonapp.com (web based streamyard like app up to 10 speakers at once, with graphical tools to put banners, titles, intro videos etc.)
                  •    for the audience we setup custom jitsi servers like 16 GB RAM + 8 vCPUS, each may host up to 150 clients even to 200, but my recommendation is do not go on the limits.
                  •    with jitsi server all settings are optimised for audience role, all notifications are closed (very important), everybody joins muted and cameras closed on default.
                  • On each server you need an admin to take care of the problems.
                  • We first tried to broadcast to youtube from melonapp and play it in jitsi conference rooms with youtube embed function of jitsi. But this caused problems for the people who joined after the broadcast started-actually they didnt see the youtube video on jitsi room.   

                  As a practical solution we setup a transfer server which will take the broadcast from melonapp to jitsi conference rooms. In our set up we came up with a minimal linux desktop + remote desktop + chromium/google chrome.

                  On this server we used the screen share feature of jitsi conference room within chrome and share the melonapp broadcast to jitsi conference rooms. This server needs a lot of CPU power add as much as you may have and monitor it during the event. (we used cloud servers that we can inflate and shrink instantly from upcloud.com  with this setup there is no limit on scaling we did conferences up to 1000+ online participants.

                     there are some disadvantages of this setup:

                  • The audience needs to feel that they are in the same room with the lecturers -"joining the conference"- . This setup does not fully provides that feeling.
                  • if they need to ask questions to the lecturers, they write in jitsi chat and your admins in the rooms transfer these to the broadcast room (melonapp in our model). If they want to ask the questions with camera we invite them to the lecture room. Not too bad :)
                  • you need strong servers you need rules to manage people, like closing the cameras and mics when not used to reduce server loads, expecting the responds to the questions at the end of the programs etc.

                  If you need only up to ~80-100

                  participants in a jitsi conference room, you may even have the lecture from there too, but we tried this many problems are happening, like opened microphones of the others etc. People continuesly logging in and out to hack the system. (if jitsi notifications are open this will easly collapse the system as each notification needs to be distrubited to all) etc.

                  If you have any more questions I will try to answer.

                  • Hi @Cem Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with jitsi conference.

                    • Also I guess it's worth to explain what we have done to integrate this conference system with Una.

                      We created events in Una

                      Only our members could join the conference events.

                      When the conference starts users see and join the parallel jitsi conference rooms at Una event page.

                      We created another room as the backstage, the organisers, admins, lecturers meet there and manage the ongoing event.

                      When a user logs into a conference room (through a special link that registers the user's action and transfers to the conference room) it was logged and when they logout it's also registered. With this we were able to track the users real attendance to the events and issue certificates etc. Certificates were uploaded directly to users profiles.

                      All sessions are recorded perfectly without audience interference at melonapp, we stream and later publish the meetings at Una event page.

                      • My pleasure.

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