Start Guide

UNA Studio Overview

UNA Studio is available to administrators and moderators and is used for site management. Everything that has to do setting up, modifying, re-designing, localising and extending website functionality is done via Studio by the main webmaster.

On the Studio homepage present all installed apps icons. When you click on the app's icon, you'll go to the app's settings page.

You can perform the following actions:

Connect With UNA.IO

To install new apps in Apps Market or check the availability of updates for already installed apps, your UNA powered site UNA communicates with the UNA.IO website.

To provide access to data you need to fill in the fields UNA account key and UNA account secret in Settings app in your site Studio (/studio/settings.php) in General section. Settings app is available immediately after the basic UNA installation.

To create and find your unque Key and Secret pair, go to My Sites at UNA.IO and use Keys and Secrets section.

Enable (Re)Captcha

To activate (Re)Captcha need to fill in the fields reCAPTCHA public key and reCAPTCHA private key on Security tab of Settings app (/studio/settings.php). Settings app is available immediately after the basic UNA installation.

For more information about to get the keys for reCAPTCHA read here.

Configure Site Emails

Fill fields Email to receive critical site notifications and Email to send site messages from on Site settings tab of Settings app (/studio/settings.php) to setup Site Emails settings. Settings app is available immediately after the basic UNA installation.

Setup SSL Certificate

SSL is configured on the server side, it's better to ask your hosting support to install SSL certificate for you. SSL certificate for UNA isn't manatory but some features will not work in some browsers if your site don't use SSL, for example audio/video recording.

UNA Cloud supports HTTPS by default.

Configure Accounts

All account / profile settings there are on Account tab of Settings app (/studio/settings.php) to setup Site Emails settings. Settings app is available immediately after the basic UNA installation. You can set the account confirmation method (email / phone / both / none) , enable / disable 2FA (two factor) authentication, set max number of invalid logins attempts, etc.

For more information about account settings read here.

Install UNA Apps

To manage apps, use the Apps Market app. It is available immediately after the basic UNA installation. Apps can be either paid or free.

In Apps Market there are several menu items:

  • Storefront, Latest, etc - to select the apps you need
  • Downloaded - apps you have already downloaded, you can make them install /uninstall
  • Updates - check updates for installed apps.( This should be done periodically if the Autoupdate of the modules was switched off.)
  • Checkout - shopping cart for purchasing the apps which you have chosen.
  • Purchases -  apps you have bought.

Install Jot Messenger

Jot Messenger app for UNA Community Management System is a real-time private messenger as well as a public communication platform. Jot allows members to create private talks, group talks and participate in embedded conversations integrated with other UNA apps.

It supports push notifications via OneSignal platform.

How to install messenger to your UNA-powered site:

  • You should go to UNA Studio -> Apps, download Messenger app, install and activate it.
  • Enable OneSiganl Push notification. You may use UNA global settings (recommended if you already created it for UNA) or special account for Messenger. Details about Jot Messenger with OneSignal installation you may find here.
  • Install Jot Server. Details about Jot Server Installation you may found here.

Dolphin Migration Tool

This module allows to transfer content from Dolphin 7.2.x and upper versions to UNA site. In order to perform the migration, you need to be sure that your Dolphin script and UNA site are located on the same server. It is necessary to copy and past media files and to work with database.

Note: If you have any changes in original Dolphin's database tables (especially renamed or removed original fields) it may influence on transferred data and migration process.

How to install the App:

  • You should go to UNA Studio -> Apps, download Dolphin Migration Tool app, install and activate it.
  • Set options on Settings page according to your needs.
  • Go to Data Transfer Page and set Dolphin's root folder path. Now you may see available for transfer content.

Select Data items fr trasnfer and if any special modules are required in UNA, you will get alert before transfer.

More details here.


Enable Maps API

For using Google Maps API need to fill in the field Google Maps API key on General tab of Settings app (/studio/settings.php) on tab Security. Settings app is available immediately after the basic UNA installation.

More info on how to configure Maps API

Activate Embeds

There are 2 uses embed codes:
  • For using Iframely need to fill in the field Iframely API key on General tab of Settings app (/studio/settings.php) on tab Security.
  • For using need to fill in the field API keyon General tab of Settings app (/studio/settings.php) on tab Security.

Settings app is available immediately after the basic UNA installation.

Content Modules

All modules (apps)in UNA related to content creation, storing and browsing can be divided on Content and Context modules. Content modules allow users to create, manage, browse, etc their own items. Also all of them are integrated with such social features like Views, Comments, Votes, Scores, Reposts, Reports, etc.

The following modules can be attributed to this type: Albums, Discussions, Files, Glossary, Market, Posts, Polls, Photos, Videos.

Context Modules

Context modules are similar to content ones in that they allow users to create, manage, browse, etc but they have some important differences. One of the key differences is the option to Follow the context. Context modules are essentially profile based modules or modules which work in a similar way to profiles. The other important difference is the capability to post content into context.

By default, user may post their content into context they are following. Note, when user posts some content into context they remain as the author of the content but they associate the content with this context. For example, I can post 'What is your favourite beer?' poll into the group 'Beer lovers' which I follow.

The following modules can be attributed to this type: Persons, Organizations, Groups, Events, Spaces,Channels.

Payments and Subscriptions

UNA includes Payments app with a number of pre-integrated payment providers including PayPal, Stripe and ChargeBee. This module allows you to easily start your e-commerce site selling some products in Market app or using multi-level access to different site features including paid levels from Paid Levels app.

Payments app supports two types of payments: Single time payment and Subscription. Single time payments can be used in Market to sell lifetime licenses while Subscriptions are used for selling monthly membership levels.

You can read more about configuring different payment providers here.

Communication Modules

Another group of modules presented on the Market is Communication modules (apps). They provide a reliable and versatile way for uses to communicate effectively with one another and expand the community's audience.

The following modules can be attributed to this type: Jot Messenger, Discussions, Conversations, etc.


Integrations modules (apps) they allow integrate popular third-party services. For example, if you want to use the popular mailing service Mailchimp, use Mailchimp module will help you.

The following modules can be attributed to this type: Font Awesome Pro, RocketChat, Intercom, Froala etc.

Spam Protection

To prevents spam content posting and reduces the number of spammers which are trying to join the site, use Antispam module. It has a wide range of settings and permit, for example, allow/block some IPs range, whitelist/blacklist particular countries usage, integrate Akismet, StopForumSpam service, etc.


Remote Storage

If necessary, you can use AWS as external storage (Amazon Web Services).

To do this, you need to fill in the required fields on the Storage tab of the Settings app (/ studio/settings.php) with data from your account on AWS.

NOTE: you need to configure it just after site install before any file on the site is uploaded.

Profiler App

This modules can be used to find bottlenecks on your site. It can show debug panel below each page with the info. If your site is performing very slow you can temporary enable it to find which module call is causing the problem.

NOTE: enabling this module can make some AJAX request to not work properly.

You can find it in Market here.

Developer App

This is a special app which extends the functionality of some Studio tools like Forms builder, Navigation builder, Pages builder, etc.

In common circumstances you don't need the app but it will be useful if you're developing a new app or want to make some extra tweaks.

You can find it in Market here.

OAuth 2.0 app

This app adds OAuth2 server capability to your site. After installing this module your site will function as OAuth2 login server, as an example you can have several UNA sites installed which are using login via one main UNA site.

Additionally this app adds API interface to your site, so it can be used for different integrations.