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Is there a way to add multiple members form from a membership list via csv file

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I have installed UNA on Tmd but i am unable to update the latest update

this is the error message i get

"Patch download failed, or downloaded file can't be saved"

TMD gives me this reply asking for them to help -It seems to be an Ai response -

We would like to inform you, that we have tried to resolve the reported issue, but regretfully, all our attempts were unsuccessful.

Despite our willingness to assist you with this issue, it appears to be related to the coding of your website or its theme, and in this case, we would recommend contacting an experienced local developer who could assist you further with this matter. lol

Anybody experiencing this with TMD

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I have installed the organization app it shows up on the main navigation bar but i cant create and org from the + menu .Where do i set that up thanks.

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Can you block countries from your mail list.
I get spam from .ru emails daily hers one today

Dear Administrator,

You were contacted by nem177344flebno with email


mys177344rtjuny qt8BrS4 RPBw 3dufFqb

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is it possible to reinstall the ad module  . I am unable to make it active and every time i try to make it active it triggers an error from TMD hosting where I have setup my site.
Im still building the site but close to upgrade to a premium version.

Please forward to the appropriate tech support

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Can anyone point me to any working sites made with UNA platform. Looked at TMD hosting but the one site account was suspended and their support said they cannot point me to any websites Running UNA as their policy.

Any Info, Much appreciated - 

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I click on upgrade to RC 12 but it seems I am unable to for some reason

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How do i stop the initial splash page from showing

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