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Guys I am really sorry I do this everytime and you must be super annoyed at me by now! 😂

I have just moved a few things around since I need UNA on social.pulseunity.com I have set the license but of course have none of my normal PP apps in there! Can you help please?

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As you can see in the image I am getting like a double login character. These commands keep popping up through the site. Has anyone got an idea what is causing this please?


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Reposted AQB Soft's product.

This simple module creates a block with a Code on a profile view page. The QR Code contains an URL to that profile's page. This allows to easily links on mobiles.
Also an owner of a profile is allowed to download the QR Code as a png image for a later use. For example share it on some external resources or print it and share it in a real world this way making it very easy for people to reach the profile without necessity to type in a long profile URL/address in their browser's address bar.
You can even force it to display your site's logo at a centre.

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Hi Can somebody please help? For some reason we cannot get the paid levels to work for people to be able to select a membership. Screenshot below. I am not totally new to UNA and was previously using Dolphin. Nothing I am trying seems to work. In payments we are using Stripe. Any feedback will be gratefully recieved. URL is https://luxuryvr360.com Many thanks, JF


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I am currently developing a UNA site luxuryvr360.com As the title suggests we would like members to be able to join and promote there VR material. We already know how to do basic integration if the members VR videos are hosted elsewhere. What I need is an APP that will allow me to directly link the VR builder into the whole site so that a member is building there VR experience with my site. Does anyone know if this exists?

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I have no idea why this is happening. I have checked the server, No problems, Sometimes I get the login page and then when I try to login I get this page. 

I have tried creating a new account and yet it still comes back to this page.image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=919&dpx=1&t=1550071981

Any ideas please?

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This sucks! I was an advanced member on the last site😂

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I have 6 Prime Dolphin licenses and this is the 1st time I had heard about UNA. Do my Dolphin Licenses get migrated to UNA?

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