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So since the 12.1 update I have started getting notifications however I have this second logo below the top logo that contains everything. Is this the way you intended for this to be?  I am getting complaints on this. 

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Ok since the Ver 12 update I have not been getting and have checked around to confirm that other users are not getting the numbered notifications in the red circle. I am getting push notifications but not the others.


Can someone take a look when you have time. If you have any questions let me know.

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So since the update certain parts of my phone app dont work. You cant click on Notifications, New Content or Profile buttons. Neither of those work and are pretty key features for connecting. I would love to hear from someone as to how I can resolve this. 

Im also unable to update my addons and would like some ideas there as to how I can do this.


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I purchased some products from the market and have the updater to convert to ver 12 of UNA. Im just not sure how you manually do the update. So Ive got the update from ver x to ver y app and just need to know how you run that.

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I bought an addon through the store however the ver that was up there was for 12. I went to the addon archives and manually downloaded it. I just could use guidance on how to get the download setup and installed on my server via studio. I did not see an option to upload from the local computer or a way to look for the file on the server. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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How do you add Themes to your Designer so that people can switch them? I dont see an option to do that and I do have multiple Themes installed. Thanks.

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I was just wondering if any developer has made an addon module for someones storyline?

LIke the Story feature on Facebook and Twitter. Let me know if there is one out there.


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I would like to remove the sharing options to Facebook and other social media sites. Where do I go to remove these?

(I am trying to attach a picture but for some reason its not letting me)

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I received this from a number of users and so I am presenting it to you to see if this is something that can be implemented.

I would like to see a push notification for messenger video so it alerts me on my device
that someone is trying to start a video chat with me. I would like to be able to see it in real time!!
I have missed several video conversations due to a lack of a push notification.

Is this something that can be done?

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