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When creating a post, the function of wrapping around the image does not work, only the first line flows around (like a normal posted photo).

The wrapping occurs only on the first line, the wrapping does not occur completely, everything is correct according to the settings

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In the group section, when adding content - publish material - the material is shown to the user, but when the page is reloaded in the admin panel, it is not visible anywhere. The line behaves very strangely - do not show the location - you cannot change it, apparently the problem is stuck somewhere.

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Add a publication. In the publication in the download materials section, select and test:

1. Video - the video does not have a picture, three dots are shown, when adding material, it is written - wait while the file is being converted. At the same time, there are no buttons to insert video into the text.

2. Audio - the file is being converted.

3. Audio and video recording - added.


As a result, more than an hour passes - the material has not been published, it is being written - audio and video is converted, wait, only then the material will be published. What should we do - what could be the problem? At the same time, all materials are fully uploaded to the server, but not converted.

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Tell me how to make the cover (support under the avatar) the same for all users. If they upload their own, then it is displayed only on their page, in the general list a single one will be shown for everyone.

Question regarding section ... / page / persons-home

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wrapping around the image does not work
None of the users can add content to the group, not even an administrator with all rights
Add new media-material
Default cover for all users