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I know im not the first one who talk about it... facebook live clone on una.

Most of facebook user are fed up with the new policy of facebook who now REMOVE the split screen function or corner dual cam that make possible for a user to stream a show and get an invite from a viewer to be a part of the show with his own webcam... so that make great show with 2 streamer and viewer can comment live on the stream... 

I see that for now UNA is only integrate rocketchat and think about the integration of Jitsi for the version 12 of UNA.

But the question is... do they will be able to provide the same features that facebook live?

- See on the timeline who is streaming

- Comment the live streaming of a member

- Ask to join the live stream and go into the corner of the stream to make a dual stream with 2 member at the same time

- Let the live stream after it end viewable on replay for those who miss the live

- Send emoticon during the live stream like thumbs up, heart, thumbs down... etc..

- Share the live stream in other website or group

- Make private or public live stream

- Eventually(facebook dont offer that) have the option that viewer can send credit or $ to the streamer as you can do on twitch or cam4

maybe its a big request... but i think its mandatory because for now.. the real social network is live stream,,, everybody stream themself anywhere... create vlog, live cam of their journey... if UNA what to stay in the game... UNA need as quick as possible that function to really make a big finger to facebook and say we have the same features than you and also more!

because for now all my member still asking for live stream like facebook and i cant provide it with the actual function of UNA :( some module on dolphin was possible... but on UNA nothing about that very important feature... so i hope you will seriously think about it... live stream its not an option... its a must in 2020

boonex team i believe in you since 2006 :)

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Hi, i want to know if it possible to integrate HTML5 Chat service or script to a UNA website member database


On the website they show the code to integrate it with dolphin but it dont show it for UNA

also maybe its a good idea to add a module for this chat script... because i try rocketchat and im disapointed... dont have enough features and option that html5 chat

but of course the best option is that una come with live cam chat inside the core using WBERTC technology and html5

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