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This module replaces the default Location field anywhere on a site with an interactive where a member can precisely point out by dragging/putting a marker directly on a map. It also tries to help to place a marker by automatically geolocating member's position using GPS coordinates if available (works only on sites which are using HTTPS protocol). It also replaces all blocks with google static maps with an interactive map and a location marker.
It supports a variety of map providers and styles, including Maps, , () and many others. A lot of maps providers/styles examples you can find by this link: http://leaflet-extras.github.io/leaflet-providers/preview/index.html. Most of these providers are free to use, which means that you don't have to pay anything in order to use the maps on your site. So this can provide a complete alternative to google maps/services if necessary.
You may also be interested in Locations Map which is fully compatible with this module.

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    • I like this a lot !   I just installed it a few hours ago, and already much much better than the default without having this installed.   it is VERY pretty, and has a LOT of different map options you may choose from.  Most work without an additional API account key.    WELL DONE ???  // 

      I have two questions and some observations:

      Most users do not like zooming around to pick their location each time, and will eventually just not use the feature at all, making module as extra with no data and boring to look at on posts of zoomed out map of world or local area as set in prefs.

       (how do i set to store their location for next and future uses?)  

      and second question:

      (can we have a hybrid approach options? such that: 

      user may type in location.  it will narrow this and present list, if not exact found, then fallback to closest regex for city and state or territory/area as per user input.   if exact found, when form submit for post, not only assigns location data to post for use, but also stores for next use, so user does not have to type again, or zoom pinch etc again.  most people will not want to zoom pinch etc more than once, i feel.  

       in future then, he/she can change location from set point, by again typing for it, or pinch zoom.  

      • COOOL !! Wow, thank you :-)

        Although something is amiss.  ? While constructing post, it shows my location as somewhere near barbados.  but i have picked previously my location in united states inside the picker, and it shows correctly in my profile.      when i submit the post, (not adjust map at all), it posts, and then no map shows.  reload, no map there.   no map at all.  hm :D  repeat again new post, also no map.   

        -cleared cache.  reload una site, make new test for repost. no map. 

        -uninstalled module. reinstalled module. make repost. twice. now works.

        additional info: old post *did* inherit location data once edit was selected and on post submit pressed.  

        img 1: final result after above steps

        img 2: first test post result

        img 3: location it chose while making first test post which failed.

        img 4: location i check in my profile before testing module, and instead got blue oceans :)

        • Perhaps a simple Ctrl+F5 in browser could solve the problem, because a js file has been altered and it may be cached by a browser due to a way it loads.

          • After installing a module, or plugin on any website I work on, regardless of the type of software, will close the browser, clear the cache and cookies, and then replicate the experience from an external user seeing the site for the first time, to test the feature.   This avoids many problems, and while slightly annoying, also solves many problems too.  :-)  

            But yes, I understand where you come from on this.  In my case, after doing what I usually do, described above, the feature did not perform correctly, but I did clear una's cache before I exited, and cleared my browser, so just submitted this previous comment in case it is somehow helpful.  :-)  Perhaps the file had not updated itself inside of OPCache (APC) yet.  

          • Really great product, strongly suggested.

            • Any updates on the feature to lock the location in so the user does not have to reset it when editing a post unless he chooses?

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