Personality Match

This module allows your site members to take a Personality Quiz and thereby determine their personality type.

Personality profiling is a tool that is notable for its helpfulness in the areas of growth and self-development. Learning and applying the theories of personality type can be powerful as it can be used as a tool for the discovery of who you truly are.

Knowing your natural preference allows you to make choices about how you will react to situations and events. You can decide to modify your behavior to create a more favorable outcome. For instance, an Introvert might need to turn him or herself up to make an important presentation. You can become more effective by simply knowing who you are, to begin with.

The theory of Personality Types contends that:

  • An individual is either primarily Extroverted or Introverted.
  • An individual is either primarily Sensing or iNtuitive.
  • An individual is either primarily Thinking or Feeling.
  • An individual is either primarily Judging or Perceiving.

Practical Application for Personality Types:

  • Career Guidance - What types of tasks are we most suited to perform? Where are we naturally most happy?
  • Managing Employees - Helps employers to understand an employee's natural capabilities and where they will find the most satisfaction.
  • Inter-personal Relationships - By being aware of another individual's Personality Type, we can increase our understanding of their reactions to situations, and know how to best communicate with them on a level which they will understand.
  • Education - Educators can develop different teaching methods to effectively educate different types of people.
  • Counseling - Allows individuals to understand themselves better, and become better able to deal with their strengths and weaknesses.



  • Page displays other persons whose personality type are compatible with the viewer.


  • Block showing summary details about the personality type of the profile owner.
  • Block showing personality matches for the member.


  • Page provides a sample listing of famous persons for each personality type.


  • Page provides a sample listing of ideal careers for each personality type.


  • Extensive evaluation test which when taken will determine the Personality type of the taker.
  • The administrator has the ability to customize the questions as they wish.
  • The administrator can configure whether or not members can retake the test.


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