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I just added one signal, and it is working for a few, others are not being prompted. I had them clear all caches, same result.

I want to add a button to enable notifications. How would I do this in UNA? More so, what would be the correct JavaScript call?

Thank you

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I am asking UNA team for help concerning UNA in a load balanced setup. My current setup is this

2 mariadb servers, 64gb mem, 58 to innodb cache, 1tb ssd storage. Failover, redundancy, and everything working perfectly.

1 128gb mem, 18 core powerhouse for ovenmedia and jitsi (if I ever get it figured out and secured with UNA - my forum posts went unanswered). Starting with one server and will scale as needed to accommodate streaming - video calling.

2 32gb, 12 core 2.4g boxes for web serving. This is where my questions start. I can configure haproxy and bring them both online in a round robin configuration. All media is in s3. Using virtual IP I am connected to my mariadb cluster - all working, including automatic fail over.

Now. Questions.

1. Original thought was just not to have cron.php running on second server. Second server has only nginx, apache, php-fpm. Server 1 has mailserver. And will handle all mail sending, receiving. Is there any part of UNA (outside cron.php) that needs access to mailserver directly?

2. Concerned that server 1 goes down, cron stops and everything stops. My options is to bring another server online for cron and mailserver only. I remember UNA being able to be set for transcoding only. Can I do this and it will also do other database functions, mail, etc, from this server? I will take the webserver offline once finished since cron.php uses CLI and no need for added resource usage.

I use rsync on a 2 minute cron to replicate across all servers, so an update ran on server 1 would replicate within 2 minutes to the second server and to this possible third.

I can upscale servers easily at this point.

Please provide input, any concerns, any thing I may need changed? Questions reviewed please 🙏

All must be perfect before public launch.

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This needs a hotfix as soon as possible! This is a major privacy violation.

Under edit profile (add new profile) the location entry has privacy option. If I set this to "me only" it should not display on profile.

Profile blocks 'location" (one for entity location and one for location map) both of them display!! Neither of these two blocks respect privacy field of location!!!

I had to disable both blocks to make sure I'm not violating privacy.

This is also an issue for organizations. Setting location to privacy me only doesn't disable location blocks.

This should work for both as expected, me only - no one sees, friends my friends, etc etc.... But it doesn't matter what is set here.

Please fix this asap. Thank you!

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This has been plaguing me, and I didn't realize what the issue was until another report came.

This all happened after upgrading to B1.

Any form control that requires javascript to interact fails when loaded though UNA ajax (processjson).

It started when a few custom headers I was using quit working. Then it went to some other form elements. (All loaded via ajax and popuped up using una core popup functions).

I realized it wasn't me when a custom mod made by ABQ stopped working as well. It has a simple 'switcher' for a rate agreement. The switch wouldn't toggle.

I had no JavaScript errors on my page. And if I add the content into the document inline (display:none) than .dolPopup the element, form items work again.

Something is not getting initialized for form elements when loaded through ajax.

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The developer module, under language is not showing pagination so all of my new modules I am creating do not show on the list to add new keys as I create. (Recompile)

Thank you

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Hello 👋

When a person changes their profile picture, it adds a timeline entry and shows the picture.

However, when they change the picture, the previous entry goes away. A lot of people use profile pictures as "timelines" in their life, and it's fun to scroll through a timeline and see these profile pictures as people change.

How can I accomplish this in UNA?

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I have built an AI model for minor image processing, facial recognition, and identification card reading. It works within all parameters and I am happy with result.

I have wrote a complete age verification module that looks very professional, and uses web cam / phone cam for real time pictures. I am considering releasing this module, but it would be on a subscription base since I would have to charge per verification. With the computing requirements I could essentially provide verification for 1000 scans for $20.00 (0.02 ea) - where most providers for such are wanting .50 to .90 per scan. I need to know interest in this, and I will decide whether I want to design an API.

Now... To my question... From scanned identifications, I have a complete address. I would like to filter this through the UNA location service to get long and lat. Also to update bx_persons data table. I don't want to hardcode a provider, since it can switch in UNA.

Can you please provide me with a sample call to the internal UNA location functions? Or please give me the files I need to look through for the code necessary?

Thank you!

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I am creating a rather in depth module. There is no documentation for most of the functions within modules. The test module has no documentation outside of a few simple things.

I'm starting this thread to get some answers and have a common place to ask and seek answers.

Where do I add in my inclusion for main.js so it is only loaded on my modules page. I have no reason for it to be included site-wide. Every module I look at adds the AddJs('main.js') in different places. Where is the correct place?

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Can someone explain, please with example, how to get jot security to work. When I add any of them, it won't connect.


My jot server is 1.0.3 .

Also, how does domain setting work in config.json? Again, anything I add here, it fails to connect. I want it to be locked to my domain only. I tried server IP, but failed to connect.

Documentation doesn't mention ANY of the above keys, secrets.

Thank you! 🙏

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