Comment to 'Points System'
Comment to Points System
  • I am having an issue where the points system is not automatically upgrading the users member level, even though each level of the points is set to upgrade to proper level.  Members start out as a newbie, which is standard level, then once they reach 25 points they are upgraded to bronze level....they are being upgraded in the points system but not in the membership levels, they are staying standard instead of being upgraded to bronze

    • Hello!

      Thank you, we have found the problem, it will be fix in the next update which will be available during this week.

      • Hello Mark,

        Yes, new update contains fix for the problem.

        • Hi AQB Soft Team,

          just bought your Points System module today and experience the same problem like Ryan. The module does not level-up membership by defined points target.

          Just to explain my setting: I have Standard members who can buy a yearly subscription, which will level them up to Supporting members. Those supporting members can become Expert members by gaining points which I'd like to realize with your Points System module. I did the entries in the picture and allocated the right amount of points to a supporting member, but it doesn't level up.

          Any ideas?