Points System

It is flexible and comprehensive system to monetize user's activities. In other words, it allows to reward members with points for their activities. You can guide members' to any part of the site and make them more active in : posting comments, creating posts, voting, sending friends requests, uploading videos, events, etc… Members can also get points levels according to their points balance. 

Now points values can be both integer and float (floating point values with precision of 8 digits) values, thus you may use points as #crypto or currency with minimal value 0.00000001

Main user abilities: 

1) Earn/Lose points for the listed actions

2) Buy points for real money

3) Exchange points to real money

4) Give points to other members

5) View history

6) View site's notifications about just got/lost points using dropdown menu with details. 

8) Reach points levels 

Main administration abilities:

1) Set exchange rate for purchasing points for money 

2) Set exchange rate for exchange points to money

3) View/edit users history

4) Set floating-point precision for points values

5) Full control of users' activity. Ajax panel allows to edit already existed or to add new actions to the module and set points for each participant who can be involved to the action. For example: when you send new message in conversation there are two users who can earn points: first - person who sents and 2nd - who gets the message. Another example: if you have new talk in and someone adds new participant to the talk, then 3 members can get different amount of points: talk's owner, person who adds the new person and new person

6) Allows to process members' requests to exchange points to money manually or pay throw the site using available payment providers

7) Set restrictions on number of the action execution during 24 hours. For example: you may set 3 times per day for photo uploading and then member will be able to get points only for 3 uploaded photos during 24 hours. 

8) Reward/Penalize members with any number of points. 

For example: An active member creates a lot of unique and useful content, you as admin can present any number of points like 100 points with message - "Good Job". Then member will get 100 points and see the message in history. 

Members can get notification by email about presented points from admin/members. Admin can disable/enable emails notifications via admin panel. 

9) Points System can detect just installed modules and allows to add the action or grab already existed from Alerts table automatically. In this case you just need to fill the points values for the actions. 

Full actions control

  • disable/enable module with actions
  • disable/enable an action
  • add action to the module
  • add person for each action to get/lost points
  • dropdown list which helps to add users to alert's participants list or to add your own value. 

10) Can create any number of point levels with their points' range, names and avatars.

Next update with new abilities is coming soon :) 

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Reviews (99)
    • seems like a great module :)
      recommended for every community site!

      thanks AQB Soft 

    • Really a great job, and a wonderful presentation side member and admin side, everything is well thought out and well built. The second name of this SBA module for "Super Booster Activity", I see a big difference since I installed it. So, I too recommend for all these reasons.

    • A good product! Only one thing just happens to me that I can't translate it because the keys are missing in the polyglot form? Do you also plan to include an option that prevents those under 18 from monetizing?

      • As far as as I now problem with language have been solved and all keys are their places now :) 

        About age limit for monetizing: We have no this ability in our task list, but will take it into account as option for the future versions. 

      • great piece of software AQB Soft - really impressive, very well thought out, brings real value to any community website.

      • I have an issue with POINT TO CASH. As soon as I click on that, the page goes white. No pop up, nothing

      • if admin removed any wrong content from post module of users, deduct points add in administrator profile after delete other user content. why ? . 

      • Point to cash has been removed from the list of option at the point notifications. How will users cash out points!? 

        Please look into that. 

      • image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=1702&dpx=1&t=1563906440I like this module but there are too many things not explained and not working right, old members login and get hundreds of points when they had 0 before login; and missing language key.

        What is this for? _aqb_points_bx_persons_timeline_pin_sender 

        my members are gaining massive points from this and doing nothing on the site.

        this one too!


        • Hello Michael,

          Check please actions in studio -> points system -> actions area, seems like you have set points values for the actions for which users are get points, because if you set 0 points system can not assign anything to users. Provide us please with your access info via PM and we will check.

          About these actions:

          1) _aqb_points_bx_persons_timeline_pin_sender - this action is executed when member pins the timeline post.

          2)  _aqb_points_bx_persons_timeline_promote_sender  - this action occurs when any member promotes any post.

          You may add translations to the  manually via polyglot module. We will also check and fix the problem if it exists and include to the next update.

        • I have installed this module and I love it but I can’t figure out how to the the payment system to work so points can be purchased. I have the payments module installed and activated. Any direction on this?

          • Hello!

            Buy points button should be available if you install Payments module and activate it. Also you need to set correct Price for one point value in point's system settings. If you provide us with access info via PM, we can check this function on your site.

          • Does anyone have any thoughts or code to make the avatars smaller on the ”Leader Board”?  They look okay on the desktop but they are really large on the phone. Baloo, You always seem to have some code for everything. Do you have any code for this that could be injected? I haven’t been able to get anywhere with this.

            • Hello Tim, 

              You may add this css class

              @media screen and (max-width: 460px) {

              to modules\aqb\points\template\css\main.css file. It means that avatars become 48px if the screen width less then 460px.

              • It would be great if you could add support for Font Awesome Pro for Level Images

                • Awesome product. Is there any documentation on how to add new actions?


                  Also some missing text under action Payment







                  Suggestion for new feature. Ability to add achievements by points gathered for chosen action. For instance member has to reach 1000 points for posting, achievement Professional blogger unlocks. Webmaster can create the achievements.

                  • Hello!

                    We had module Rewards module for Dolphin and going to transfer it on UNA. Looks like it is exactly what you are looking for.

                    About documentation: we have no detailed documentation right now, it should be available soon. We can describe you how to do this. 

                    Contact us please via PM and describe what kind of actions you would like to add.

                  • Any news on an upgrade to this app to address existing bugs previously discssed?

                  • Setting: (Maximum number of records in dropdown menu) is not configurable.

                  • The Leaderboard is broken

                  • AQB Soft  Same here, this leaderboard took out my index page. All blocks of the module had to be disabled to use the site. It's embarrassing, to say the least. One minute it was fine, a new member joined and now it's broken somehow.

                  • I am having an issue where the points system is not automatically upgrading the users member level, even though each level of the points is set to upgrade to proper level.  Members start out as a newbie, which is standard level, then once they reach 25 points they are upgraded to bronze level....they are being upgraded in the points system but not in the membership levels, they are staying standard instead of being upgraded to bronze

                    • Hello!

                      Thank you, we have found the problem, it will be fix in the next update which will be available during this week.

                      • Hello Mark,

                        Yes, new update contains fix for the problem.

                        • Hi AQB Soft Team,

                          just bought your Points System module today and experience the same problem like Ryan. The module does not level-up membership by defined points target.

                          Just to explain my setting: I have Standard members who can buy a yearly subscription, which will level them up to Supporting members. Those supporting members can become Expert members by gaining points which I'd like to realize with your Points System module. I did the entries in the picture and allocated the right amount of points to a supporting member, but it doesn't level up.

                          Any ideas?

                        • Есть проблема с кнопками действий в поинт системе при работе на мобильном телефоне : их невозможно увидеть/вызвать. Это касается кнопок: Купить поинты, вывести поинты, история поинтов. 

                          • У себя на сайте, я решил проблему путем уменьшения количества записей в истории операций с принтами - установил отображать 5 последних вместо 10. Смотрите скриншот. Но когда я меняю ориентацию телефон с вертикальной на горизонтальную они (кнопки) исчезают (


                            • Una.io мобильная и полная версия: 

                              • Добрый день Богдан,

                                Спасибо за информацию, в последнем обновлении эта проблема была решена, если вы всё ещё сталкиваетесь с ней, то дайте знать.

                              • hi need some help with the configuration ..

                                am i doing correct..

                                • Hello!

                                  On mouse hover on text box you may see for which person from involved users you may set points.

                                  Yes, you may set negative value also. In new update there are more details, which allow to help to understand.

                                • hi is my module working properly ..for some field i am not getting proper name..

                                  • If you don't see translation, then this action doesn't exist in default configuration and you may add translation by yourself via studio-> Polyglot in case if you know for what this action for.

                                    From you screen there is action which occurs when user updates own comment under any Post.

                                  • hi aqb, whats the difference between these item ..voted and reacted to an item..

                                    an score down and score up ..is score up is thumbs up..but we dont have thumbs down option..

                                  • where do i drop this file to install it in my cpanel directory

                                    • You need to go to your site's studio -> apps market -> purchases, find the module there and install it from there. If you have changed your domain name recently then you have to reset the license for the module in your una.io account to make the module available on a different domain.

                                    • image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=3798&dpx=1&t=1594406476What can be done with the size of the icons? I'd like them the size of other profile icons on the page. They are too big and I really don't like using any of the blocks in the module because of their size and overflow covering links.

                                    • Hello, I bought this module to encourage members to share blogs or forums on Facebook and Twitter but I cannot find the actions to give points for shared ... How should I do?

                                    • Hi AQB Soft 

                                      Is it possible to exclude  an user from Systems Points?

                                    • Hi AQB Soft I don't see that option... here are the options I have...


                                    • Hi, I have a problem with the Points Mod:
                                      image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=4092&dpx=1&t=1602067802Exemple, when I want add points to a member or I want to clean the history for one member the system stops... where can be the problem ?

                                    • Missing Language Key in Points Module 1.1.10 (studio/pages/points....)

                                      _aqb_points_page_title_sys_info  --> I translated with 'Points info'

                                    • Thanks AQB Soft I recently installed the point system and it has improved  community activities on the site. I just need to be clear on something. If someone earns a point for posting a content, is the point deducted if the content is deleted later?

                                    • Update points 2.1.13 - 2 missing lang keys

                                      _aqb_points_bx_ads_doInterest ---> Interested in an Ad (points activities)

                                      _aqb_points_bx_ads_doInterest_sender ---> Sent interest in an Ad (points history)

                                    • Tell me which variable can be used to display the number of points of a participant in the menu. Credits are displayed with the {value} command, what variable do they have in the Bonus system module or how do we display the number of points not in the drop-down general menu by points, but in the drop-down list when you click on the profile icon.

                                    • We've installed the Point system on our staging site and have checked and rechecked the settings and it shows a "leaderboard"  but no matter what we do we can't seem to get it to display any points.  We've checked the boxes for activities.  Is there something else we need to do to get it to work? 

                                    • image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=5299&dpx=1&t=1627766521

                                      Improvement Request: in the buy points view page, please it would be nice if users can also type in amount in system currency (USD) in addition to current framework. I.e create an alternative Field to input amount in USD so it can reflect in value in points...just as currently one can input amount in points and it reflects value in USD. e.g if a user wants to buy $5 worth of points, user can just input amount in USD and have it reflect the value in points. This way buying points can be reflected in a two-way currency. AQB Soft 

                                    • I want users to get a point for every action, like new post, voting ect... i dont know how to make that happen. I've tried several things but users are only getting a point for joining, nothing else. Thoughts?

                                    • Is there a way to make the point system go backwards and credit early activities for member who posted and interacted with posts at dates earlier than the date of the installation of the point module?

                                      • Hello!

                                        By default this ability doesn't exist. The module begins accumulating statistics as soon as it is installed. UNA has numerous modules, so in order to earn points for past activities, a specific converter must be created for certain modules.

                                      • Thank you, @AQB Soft Team for adding the achievements table!

                                        • Hi @AQB Soft I haven't updated my Points module to this latest version yet. Please could you tell us what new in this release or what has been fixed or improved? Thanks a lot for your hard work. Great product!

                                          • Hello @OneEagle ,

                                            Our latest updates include fixes for studio areas and PHP versions to ensure compatibility with the latest PHP 8.x version. In addition, we have added new language keys for users' activity and now this module provides approximately 460 actions for users to earn points in default UNA modules. If you have third-party modules, there may be additional actions to earn or deduct points.

                                            New features include:

                                            1. Users now have access to an achievements list.
                                            2. You can choose to display only users with photos in the leaderboard.

                                            Please let us know if you have any questions or need further clarification. Thank you for using our product!

                                            • That's awesome. Nice work! Thanks a lot. I am going to update my version :)

                                            • The checkbox and delete buttons are gone in the point-history page for both mobile and desktop view. Kindly review for fix.

                                            • Hi @AQB Soft , thx for the points update, works like a charm. Thx for the achievement site, very usefull.

                                              Are there any plans to include the benefits of reaching a pointslevel to the achievement site? Like LEVEL 2, xy points reward, 3 days premium... and so on.

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