Amazing! Thank You! :)

The very best social platform available. Super user friendly on the back end as well as the front end. This software runs smoothly right out of the box. Haven't seen a glitch yet and it's fast. It's super lightweight for a social platform. The mobile and tablet view is perfect.
For many years I have had a fond passion for Boonex software, but this is the mother load for sure. Boonex's finest works of all time. For those that know me, know I have been working on a project for some time now and have been waiting patiently for the release of UNA. Thanks on behalf of my project community as well for all that you folks do.

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    • UNA makes my adrenaline pump and every time there is a new discussion thread I get excited. I love the fact that I can make it into whatever I want. It makes me want to give a presentation on it at my college (FIU).

      • Hello, yes totally agree with you, and still a lot of good ideas to come, it promises a lot of fun but what do you mean by "waiting patiently for the release of UNA" you mean v10?

        • Yes sir! I knew this was going to be epic. When I first started my passion for web development my mentor sent me to use the very old Boonex software years ago. I fell in love and met my 3rd love in life, web development and social platforms. 1st love growing cannabis, 2nd, composing music. I've used many social platform softwares out there helping others develop sites, but Boonex is home for me. It's the only company of it's kind that has a team so devoted and kind and interactive as they are. Honestly I can't say enough good and zero bad. Andrew is the bomb. Not arrogant and very kind. He listens to his users. The whole team does. Much love for these guys

          • The people of the Boonex community, devs and users/customers have always been very active. I see not much has changed over the years. Still like a family. Once you play with their software, you are hooked. Nothing else will ever be good enough. I speak from experience

            • Hey Peter. I could not agree with you more. I've been around quite a while, too. I found Dolphin many years ago and spent a lot of time making it look like a business site - rather than one about relationships. Now UNA looks like a business site right out of the box, depending upon which template you are using. Funny, huh? 

              More templates and awesome features are on the way to increase the versatility even more.The Team here work hard and fearlessly go where others have not gone before. They all deserve to be rich.  :) 

              During a recent upgrade, Alex - the King of Coders - stopped what he was doing to get my site fixed. He took my hand like I was a little child and led me to a careless error which I had made in my settings. I will never forget it.

              We are all blessed to be a part of this magnificent endeavor. Cheers!

                      David Anderson   USA

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