First look at the pre-configured SNS solution built on UNA

One of the biggest challenges for us in 2018 was dealing with early-stage configuration woes. UNA is a universal framework, which often makes it difficult for webmasters to put together an operational website. The resolution for 2019 is to make it easy to deploy a turnkey UNA-powered site.

To achieve that, we are creating a number of industry-specific solutions, designed for social networks, business networks, learning, personal blogging, dating, local communities, etc. Each solution will be available for exact cloning during site launch at UNA-cloud. The idea is to provide it as a starting point for any webmaster to immediately have a conventional setup and to be able to customise from that point.

The very first solution is modelled a generic social network, like Facebook and VK. The combination of apps, settings, template and language keys is fine-tuned and ready to use. A few sample profiles, content items and contexts pre-created to give a good feel of how everything works. This solution will be called Dolphin and will evolve as a target setup for migrations from Dolphin 7.

The release is planned for mid-January. For now, a few screens...

Have a Happy New Year everyone! I have a feeling it's going to be a good one. 😉 

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    • Looking forward to the dating one! I have never quite worked out how to use Dolphin/Una for dating that is why I shied away from you for a while, but I must say Una is looking promising. It would be nice to have something more tangible on the dating side of things, it's a big market for you! Will the templates just be on the cloud version or downloadable because I personally will NOT be using the cloud version, only standalone!

      • Everything is downloadable. UNA cloud is not SaaS either - it’s just a setup/backup/cloning orchestration layer on top of Linode. Every instance is independent. 

        For now we have not figured out how to provide a clonable solution for your own hosting, but I’m sure we will find a way. And you can always use them as inspiration to buid the same from base UNA setup. It's not magic - it's sleight of hands. 🤗

        • Even if they are just setup as demos (Changes wouldn't be allowed obviously!) where we could login to admin and have a look around the settings. On the dating side of things, which is what I am really interested in. I am currently running a couple of (Cheap, maybe!) off the shelf dating scripts with some limited success/activity, but I know that deep down somewhere Dolphin/Una could be the answer, but I could never figure it out, especially when it came to things such as matches/matchmaking, sending gifts, would you like to meet? etc., all the usual things you get on dating sites. I don't know if this would be down to third party development, but one thing I know is that Una, having played around with it on a demo site, seems very rock solid. Thanks for the update. :) 

          • Andrew Boon So in order to get the prebuilt solutions, the user must subscribe to a monthly UNA cloud package? Or are these going to be offered in the market?

            • We don't mean it as a sales pitch for the UNA Cloud - it's just that we know how to clone an installed/configured site from one UNA Cloud instance to another. We can't do it that easily as a downloadable package, so it's an open question for now. Anyhow, we should be able to provide access to a resetting demo and general instructions to do the same. Nothing out of ordinary for someone who knows UNA, but it saves a week or two of fiddling for new webmasters.

              • Looking forward to the downloadable dating solution too

                • I understand what you mean. I was just asking for my own knowledge because I might like the template. I just don't need the hosting. I think it's a very smart move for UNA to do so. Great concept and it will help gain members I am sure.

                  • Just curious... Have you tried ..? Might be more tangible for dating niches..? A dating templates for UNA could be good too, but you will probably have to change the features and rendering there too..

                    • Yes I have tried it and although it has many features I it to not be professional enough.

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