Look as if I'll be leaving UNA behind this December

I have worked with the UNA platform since 2018 and have mostly been quiet about the constant issues that plague this platform and delay development such as mod bugs and delayed version releases. The last nail in the coffin is the Pro Plan will be going up from $490/year to to $948/year which is a insane one year increase. That = 91.8367%. This makes a great Christmas present!

I started in the days with Microsoft Front Page was released and the one trend you can count is that online businesses always make it affordable until they get a few large customers and then they squeeze the little guy out. The little guy helps build the company by being a promotional statistics (number of installs/users) for marketing use and somewhere down the road are left in the dust. (I am just guessing, but the reason for development delays is they are too busy with custom programing for their corporate customers.)

Just a few samples are: Amazon, which now is pushing out longtime vendors that have great sales and sell their products under their name at a lower price, and put their search at the top. Another is Ancestry.com which was free until their members created a massive database for them and don't forget eBay where they priced out the very vendors that made them great; for corporate customers....I remember when the original top sellers left decades ago.

I am making plans to move our members to a different platform because of the current trends I see in UNA and want to get ahead of the curve. They make it easy to integrate a lot of social media features in one platform but are shifting to the corporate customer base.

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    • As far as I know, new pricing is for new users. Old pricing plans remain for already subscribed users.

      • Thank you for your feedback @James Prince ! The price increase indeed only affects new subscribers. All current subscribers will be grandfathered indefinitely.

        We will also consider and experiment with some other pricing plans.

        Additionally, I'd like to point out that with v13 we are adding a number of new modules, overhauled design and a significantly updated codebase, especially in relation to security, layout structure and performance. The new native apps are on the way too.

        We do expect the releases to happen a lot quicker now. The biggest delay was due to a platform-wide security audit and styling system overhaul.

        As for the community, along with the updated core we are releasing a few free modules and recently made Artificer template free.

        With all that said, I'd like to hear more about what do you believe is the right and fair price for the Pro plan is and why.

        • Understand the frustrations. Our team looked extensively at different platforms, and despite all limitations and delay, we felt UNA is the best so far. Our recommendation is to have a more prompt customer support than just a forum (e.g., email or chat) even if that going to be paid. It is worth it!

          • As someone who is in process of moving from Dolphin to UNA, I'm happy to see the team is charging a fair amount.

            • Quick update: we have adjusted yearly plans - they are a much greater saving now and the Pro:DIY plan for example is not $49/month now if paid annually ($588/year instead of $948/year).

              • Hi Guys, I've looked at a number of products xoops, open social, hubzilla and others. Why should I take Dolphin.....can I run my production with the free version.

                • Hello @Chris Andre Buys !

                  If you mean UNA (the new incarnation of Dolphin) then yes, you can. BecauseOnce installed on a hosting server UNA creates a fully operational website, ready for customization. Over time you can activate various UNA apps, install new ones, update them and adjust site settings.

                  from here https://una.io/wiki/Introduction

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