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This module allows you to automate and . This is a tool for keeping your members connected to your site by sending them automatic or at a certain conditions/events. In other words this module allows you to create a so called , which is automatically being sent to all members who meet selected criteria and at a configured date(s)/events.
Main features list:

  • Multi-language support.
  • Allows to filter targeted profiles by membership level and missing profile pics.
  • Allows to send internal auitomated messages directly to the Conversations module.
  • Allows to schedule automails at:
  •    Every X day
  •    Day X since profile registration
  •    Day X since account last login
  •    Exact Date (annually if necessary)
  •    Profile's Birthday

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    • Thank you very much for creating this, I used it a lot in Dolphin and I can assure you that it is ideal for bringing back old members who may have forgotten your site.

    • Hi,

      it would be great if time could be set not just day. Let's say if I want to send Bulk mail today at 3pm it is not possible because calendar in Scheduler allows only date but not the time. So if I choose today in Calendar it will say that e-mail was already sent .....

      • Hello,

        The problem is that even if we will allow for setting time - it still will not be guaranteed to be sent at the specified time. 

        The Automailer just runs once a day and puts mails into UNA's mailer queue which then sends them by portions (see the setting "Number of messages to send from mail queue per run" in the Notifications settings of UNA). Which makes sense because sending a large amount of emails at once can become a challenge for the server and theoretically even can mark it as a spamserver by mailservers. 

        Not to mention that there are timezones, i.e. lets say 3PM server time doesn't necessarily mean 3PM recipient's time.

        • Excellent product, I strongly suggest this easy to use app for informative communication with your users.

          • After upgrade to UNA ver. 13.1.0-RC1 and "Automailer" ver. 1.1.2 there is no way to add new Mail - when I press +Add button or Edit button the window for adding/edit opens, I can write new or edit old mail but there is no "Save" button.....

            Please help

          • Hi @AQB Soft ,

            I have purchased the module , I need a small modification regarding the module.

            My use case is , I want my users to send messages to their followers or friends in the messenger on daily basis instead of only admin. I have enclosed the screenshot of the emails they might send . I want them to send this HTML newsletters only through messenger rather than emails to a common groups called "Hotlists" & " Requirements". Can you please help me how can i achieve this.

            Thank you


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