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Any UNA  website owners with many members over 50 k willing to share link of his sucess story site ?

And Secrets for performance. 

i am playing with it and its already so slow when i have a super server, kind of worried.

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I am new to UNA and i could use a bit of text, tutorials, images, videos or any kind of explanatory content especially concerning modules in studio, there is plenty of space there to show this content there.

The search tool is not accurate and when you enter for instance Audit or Charts nothing or other unrelated content comes up ... it does not make the learning curve very smooth. 

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trying to figure it out ...

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Ok, so we buy the license through this website Una.IO and use the keys on our test site to play with UNA right ?  

IS this the support website and the business website of UNA ?  Lots of content of all kind for newbies ..

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Are the webinar recorded, if yes where can we watch them ?

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Experience: ok i open una mobile app , i have apparent notifications but when i click on notifications ... what should i pick from the menu.. its unclear 

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Reposted Andrey Yasko's discussion.

This week we'll be fully transitioning away from Google Analytics and switching to Matomo On-Premise for traffic analytics. This is the first step towards providing Matomo as a preferred analytics system for UNA-powered sites using Google Cloud, recommended for all self-hosted sites and installed on-premise for all Business and Enterprise UNA clients. You can still choose to continue using Google Analytics, but we do recommend to consider Matomo.

A few reasons to choose Matomo over GA:

- No data-sampling. All of your traffic is considered.

- Full configuration and integration control with Matomo On-premise. 

- Better privacy protection for your clients.

- Configurable for full GDPR-compliance.

Most importantly, we want to get rid of as many dependencies on external services as possible in UNA. Companies like Facebook and Google failed to uphold adequate privacy protection standards, and we can not in full conscience continue using them wherever we can find a good alternative. 

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Is UNA a good platform to build a professional communtiy site of the type of Linkedin ?

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2021 and no job board extension yet ?

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