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Any UNA  website owners with many members over 50 k willing to share link of his sucess story site ?

And Secrets for performance. 

i am playing with it and its already so slow when i have a super server, kind of worried.

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    • Yep - we've been dealing with that for quite a while.  Page load speed times of 20 seconds don't help you grow.  If I had answers, I would give them to you, but we haven't licked it yet. 

      • Well UNA.io is fast.

        so, there is a fix to it.

        • i just tested una.io and online.me on google page speed insight, its not reassuring. 😞 

          • Yes but it doesn't have many users.  

            • So many variables. We work with sites that are in hundreds of thousands and run fast. What you see on UNA.IO is normal regardless of the site scale, especially after UNA 12 release. Page loads of 20 seconds shows an issue of some sort that needs to be diagnosed. Message us with some URLs to have a look. 

              • Speed matters.

                It's a deal breaker to have the very website powered and managed by the tehcnology company owning it showing slow performance results. 

                Including for 50 bucks a month customers which dont seem to count much in the equation.

                • Darling you know what. Maybe I kinda miss something, but anyway. Let me  give an advice.

                  1. Minimize all your CSS styles, and Javascripts (manually). 

                  2. Enable the ZIP compression your hosting.

                  3. Make clear JS and CSS files, 

                  4. Do not load a  big pictures  (like *.png). Use *.webp image files instead.

                  If you want PM me and I'll help you

                  • So UNA has no caching or peformance module built in and all optimization are done manually by client from scratch from what i hear. 

                    • UNA have a great built in cache module. Go to yoursitedomain -> /studio/settings.php -> cache and enable all points.


                      • There's a few cache engines you can enable and lots of various optimisation techniques are used across the site, but there may always be something that's not configured correctly. Could be some huge blocking JS from integrated analytics system, or perhaps embed that loads heavy media, or cache isn't turned on still. Send us specific URLs that see to be underperforming and we will have a look.

                        • Hey Andrew, can you please share a link of those sites you mention of 100k that run fast please?

                          • One of the ways I think we can use to speed up UNA is to leverage some of the Cloud technology such as using RDS Aurora/MySQL which is a serverless & self-healing DB (no manual maintenance is required). Also, put the objects such as Videos & Photos on S3 Bucket with AWS CloudFront on top of S3 to reduce latency.
                            We can also put Amazon ElastiCache on top of MySQL instance which works as an in-memory data store & cache which supports sub-millisecond response times.
                            Lastly, AWS Elastic Beanstalk can also be leveraged with UNA. You can simply upload UNA code and Elastic Beanstalk automatically handles the deployment, from capacity provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling to application health monitoring. AWS handles all all the underline infrastructure for you.
                            Keep in mind, these great technologies & new AWS services come with a cost :)

                              • Hi,

                                the problem is that no one would offer site hosting for site like ours which is now near 200GB in size.
                                Well, no one for a reasonable price.  

                                • Andrew I think you also mentioned a site with like 200,000 members. I want to see that one too. Is it a dating site or a general social network?

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