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How do you add the Participants block to other modules, than Discussions? Use Posts as an example. Thank you.

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The cumulative updater to version 13 - when will it arrive? Days or weeks, what is the estimate? Thank you, cause I know it will be worth waiting on...

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I just have one cron job for my UNA site and it suddenly sends me an empty email every minute. I actually need the cron as a signal that certain kinds of content have been processed. Any ideas?

There is a lot of cron related things in the Modules folder so I tried replacing it - with no success.

As is often the case, things which seem to be easy turn out to be daunting. Even my Hosting Service could not stop it. Can you?

Hello, Thank you for your patience up to now.

We would like to inform you that we've checked your cron job, and found that the result of the execution it is the empty string:

We tried do modify the cron job in order to resolve the issue but without any success.

So, unfortunately, we can't help you with this issue.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us again if we could be of any further assistance!

Best Regards,

Arthur V

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I use the Protean Template, if it matters.

Even when logged in, these numbers are missing. On the Timeline Settings page, am I overlooking something? I'm sure they were there before.

If they are not there - the site looks dead. Thank you.

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This (lack of) spacing issue just appeared on the Timeline. You will notice it right after the Member's name. Perhaps it has been addressed in the Discussions. I did not see where. 

Is there a quick fix?

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Say, if there were groups for 50 states or 200 countries, if they were in order it would save users a lot of time and from going page to page.

Thank you for considering this idea!

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Protean Template. No Join Button on each Group.

All my other buttons seem to be in place. Any Ideas? A permissions issue? Help!

     Thank you.

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Hi all. Wonder why I am not offered the option to upgrade to UNA 11? I have no link to 11 on my Dashboard. 

My cron job say it last executed a minute ago. Nor I do not receive any email notifications as before when it executes for audio or video processing.

Any ideas? Thank you.

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What is the best one for UNA? My host offers several.

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