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I have uploaded in 2 instances a video file using the video and timeline modules seperately. The 2 are uploaded but never converted. Please what is the way out. Need help.

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Hello everyone, A 39mb pdf file was uploaded using the file module.

Attempt to view shows it can't be previewed because it's too large.

How do I correct this please? Thanks

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Hello everyone, since I updated to 12.1.0 some days ago I have observed issues with my Organization moderation feature.

Just found out that it's either it's stuck in deactivated (missing button) or in activated mode. Moderation settings has no effect. @LeonidS @Alex T⚜️

Please I need help.

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Just upgraded to 12.1.0. I set organization profile to be inactive whenever it is edited.

Now the activation button (sys_status_pending) is not displayed. See screenshot.

I need help please.

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Please, how do site owners manage violations if the user responsible had deleted his or her account to escape the law?

How do we play safe even after giving users the power to delete their content and account?

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Hello everyone, please is it possible to make Spaces inactive by default so that Admin can moderate it's use ?

I want it subjected to approval.

I don't want it to be freely available like the Groups. Is this possible with the present design? Or any effective idea how to do this. Thanks.

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Once the page cover is disabled, the all Action Buttons for Spaces and Group disappears.

I think that should only be for taking the head picture off and not the Control Buttons.


I figured out another Action Block and activated it.

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The "see more" link showing up on the Timeline should be made to open the real publication ( ) --- just like it's "Title" and not extend the view of unformatted text on timeline.

User (UX) complained about badly formatted publication.

What can I do to make this change?rwidrwwgnexusa9tzxmanmrsfpjbvmcv.jpg

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I have been trying to use the MAGIC Service call but searched everywhere on my website without a link to call up the Macros.

Please where is it for a quick call up?

Is it on only? Feels like chasing shadows here.

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