Real Estate Listings

This is a fully-integrated Real Estate module that facilitates the listing of Properties for Rent or Sale.


  • The module has the flexibility to have a different set of display fields for both Rental and Sales.
  • Properties can be listed as Regular, Short Sale, or Foreclosed.
  • Ability to set a sale price (separate from regular price) and display those properties that have been recently reduced.
  • Property Listing contains display sections for:

  =>Property details

 =>Contact details

 =>Associated Fees

  • Menu Browse options include New Listings, Featured Listings, Recently Reduced, Foreclosed, and Rentals.
  • Very thorough search section that allows searching based on a wide variety of options


  • Allows sharing of the Property listing on Twitter, Facebook, and other popular networks.


  • You can drill down Real Estate Listings based on location to find properties within the same City etc.


  • The module is integrated with the Conversations module, so it is possible to send messages from the Property listing page.
  • Allows WhatsApp communication if the WhatsApp number is present in the listing.


  • It is possible to post reviews of Property on the Property listing page.


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