Comment to 'how much cost me finally a complete Una ? '
  • Hello, I'm trying to understand what is not clear on your "pricing" page and therefore why these questions.


    Until then, it's hard to be clearer:

    Free: Without PowerApps, without hosting
    Pro: With PowerApps, without hosting
    Cloud: With PowerApps, With Hosting

    But if I am a newcomer, I find that this casts doubt.

    What is "PowerApps"?
    UNA apps made by UNA and offered through UNA Market for a fee are called "PowerApps".

    Why "for a fee"? it gives the impression that in all cases you have to pay extra for PowerApps ... and gives confusion.

    Also, I think that you should perhaps specify that the list of the apps included in the pack is progressive, since you add it regularly, it is in your interest to make it known.
    Maybe also remember that a dolphin license gives right.
    Here are just suggestions, you throw in the trash if they are not good :-)

    Hey dap I assure you, if you have not seen differences between Dolpin and Una, it's because you're too fast, take your time to try, they are incomparable on thousands of points.