Comment to 'How to Monetize your UNA Website'
  • Mark Purser are you able to set post specific SEO or will the keywords entered on the page builder be used for evwry post ? I'm finding it hard to customize my seo keywords for each post using the keyword entry on the page builder. 

    • This is a challenge that has always been neglected, just don't know why.

      • I have posted about meta-keywords and meta-descriptions a few times before - you can customise them, but the make zero difference for the SEO. It has been well over 10 years that Google is ignoring meta tags as a significant SEO indicator. Content, speed, usability and unobstructed linking structure is all that matters. You can find UNA.IO content in Google SERPs with well-structured schema, that Google has figured out all by itself.

        If, however, you try to game search engines by signalling generated kept words, unnatural texts, hidden elements, links rings, etc - you will most definitely get banned, for 6-24 months or permanently. 

        You can use google webmaster tools to monitor indexing and general health of your site in regards to SEO - we are doing it regularly and current state of UNA configuration seems to be in good shape  

        • My SEO solution is to write eloquently and often about the topics you want your potential users to connect with. Make the content interesting and valuable and the search engines will inevitably rate you well. Search Engines have evolved a lot, they are ultimately looking to connect web users with the best content relevant to their search. Create the best content, and it will invariably rise to the top.  I've employed this strategy widely over the last decade, and it has never failed.