After one busy month with UNA : SUPER!

Yes nowadays I passed almost a month with the first UNA installation.
Before UNA I checked several possible candidate frameworks like GNU Social, Frendica, HUMHUB.
None of these frameworks obtain the flexibility and features I need to create a community.
I wrote to some of them to ask questions, usually  got no answer or not meaningful answers, no follow ups.
Then I started to deal with UNA.

 Installed UNA for a doctor's community.

Here is my current opinion about UNA system:

  • Installation is straight forward no problems at all.
  • Hardware software need? These are all planned thoughtfully.
  • Customization.
     UNA  is giving a lot flexibility for customization. Besides the magical studio interface to do almost everything, if you  try a bit you will understand the code easily cause it is very clearly structured.
    Most webmasters will not need to do anything with the code cause Studio interface is enough for most of the situations.
  • Features:
    UNA is the most feature rich framework in the market. And it is expandable. You can built your site  in many ways as you dream.
    It is in RC versions yet and stable version is near to come.
  • Integrations:
    there are already some integrations and if you a developer it doesnt seem very difficult to integrate things as code structure is very clear.
    This is one of the biggest positive part of UNA.
    UNA SUPPORT is FANTASTIC, I never experienced such a responsive and problem solving support service. They are not leaving you in the middle of nowhere, following the problem until it is solved.
    Support is given directly by the developers without anyone in between, These are the guys who knows every bit of the UNA system.
    As a result I can easily say come and try UNA to make your dream community portal online.
    And my message for UNA team:
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    • Thank you Cem! We are well aware of the shortcomings, too and will do our best to improve. 

      • Yes, UNA Team is great. They support us for free and taking time to fix problems and UNA source code is almost MIT license. 

        There's lots of thing that make UNA better from others.

        • One more important thing:
          When you need help UNA team is not pushing you to spend money.

          • Copy that. It's true. I tried to pay Anton and Leonid but they would not accept donations. I also offered them one of beautiful daughters for marriage. Again, no...

            Cem, I am aware that you are a brilliant computer man in your own right. So, your recommendation speaks volumes.

            • Indeed, @Cem There is no better way in how you're putting it. I've tried many before UNA, in fact I overlooked it once in the Softaculous App list because it was underrated. It took me years to be honest, because I had to get it right the first time to eliminate competition and that someone else might just hijack my idea, because of poor planning. I once made a statement that the UNA team was given to me by God,

              • Yes Chris UNA is great!

                I now have a magnificent vibrant portal for medical doctors with 15K members, with the right decision on November 2018.

                Thanks to UNA team 🙏

                • 👀

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