Free modules to everyone

I've seen some product here that make me angry they are for purchase while there is an ocean of free plugin by the open source community available for all for free


          With a little effort you can copy & paste UNA's posts module and change the name to whatever u like

          Just copy & paste UNA's glossary module and change the name to whatever u like

          If u know a littel html & javascript u can do it in 5 minutes by adding block, button and location.href=""

         Add a block and extract the name using js from on of the element on the page

This is not against the vendor but its just so dumb to sell this simple things, its lower UNA's grade, there are some product that are more complex and worth your money like saved search by AQB, Instant Notify by Msoulotion (but i still think he is the worst communication in vendors. be warned) or Profile Completeness.

I will like to see here a great vendor who sales usable products who make performance 75% higher, add macros, sticks blocks etc. Its time to see here some real damn good vendors 👷👌

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    • Thanks for the contribution Hodor Hodor 

      • Well, i have been dealing with modzzz modules for more then a decade, all i have to say is that he is a bad ass when it comes to his modules. I will not stop buying his work! 


        • Same here will monte, knowing many mods from modzzz testing dolphin years ago. 👍 

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              • Jerome Mingo I appreciate your work and many other members find your modules useful.

                • Sounds Good! So go out and hire some for us. Thanks

                  • What a disgusting post!!!! While using some of the Jerome's 'Products to put him down  and disqualifying his work may seem like fun to you at the time, but such behavior is either disrespectful, offensive or both. 

                    Jerome Mingo (Modzzz) is one of greatest contributors to this community since Boonex/Dolphin, a professional and very reliable developer. He is one of the best. I have bought about thirty or fourty of his Dolphin mods or more and they are all outstanding. You don't even know what you are talking about! 

                    You can't just evaluate a developer based on one or two products that you didn't like or that didn't meet your expectations (or maybe just because you want freebies) while he has developed hundreds of them and they are awesome.

                    Everyone is free to express his opinion on anything, but freedom also has its limits. One must not violate the dignity (image) of others. Some common sense are also needed.

                    You don't like a product or a specific vendor, it's simple, please don't buy, don't deal with him! We are all here (most of us) trying hard (It's still difficult though) to make our living with UNA, including vendors/developers.

                    Constructive criticism to improve a product or service are always welcome but deliberate campaigns to denigrate a vendor or his products just for fun, shall not be tolerated.

                    Big Up, Jerome! You have my support. Keep up the good work and thanks a lot for your great contribution to this community.

                    • You should pay me for the honor of having a great guy like me using your modules.   I've been using your modules for over a decade... you must owe me thousands of dollars by now, for the great prestige, I bring to your products.

                      • I will give just as an example .. I bought the Pets module from Jerome, I found out that there was an error in the search modul .. Jerome issued a patch..I found out that it was sending data without my knowledge..Jerome issued a patch. This happened in two days

                        Shouldn't he first check if everything works as it should before it sells?

                         I wanted to create a catalog from him, he just promised this weekend, next weekend, etc.,finally, we have to customize the market module ourselves..

                        I'm not saying that Jerome is a bad programmer, but unreliable, he probably has a lot of work and it's too much for him

                        Mr.Hodor Hodor showed me the way to solve a lot of things for free.

                        I am sorry for my English

                        • Hodor Hodor, I thought the same thing while looking through the marketplace. Yes, Jerome Mingo has made many modules that could be made by repurposing others. But, I have never once thought to be disrespectful to Jerome Mingo. Why? Because, his modules provide a simple way to implement features you want. And, in case you haven't realized this, UNA has a huge learning curve. I've spent more a decade of my life developing websites, with several awards and degrees to show for it, but I still get stuck and run into issues. This leads me to reach out to the UNA team. At the end of the day, most of the staff and many of the developers are happy to help.

                          Just because, you and I have the experience to make things happen, it doesn't mean everyone does. It doesn't mean that there isn't a place for a quick solution to something you'd want to develop. But, I think more than that, it's a simple fact that not all of Jerome Mingo's modules are just renamed apps. They often include additional features, that much is obvious just by reading the descriptions. Some of them are actually unique! Logo Switcher and Celebration come to mind. They are modules that let you recognize events that happen throughout the year and provide a more personal touch to your visitors. And Petitions allows you to set up something akin to for example. There are others as well. 

                          I think the bottom line is this... if you don't need his services, don't use them. But disparaging his name and reputation isn't cool or acceptable. He's obviously spent a lot of his time developing answers for members of this community and sharing his work. Some of it is simple, yes. But there are UNA users who need simple solutions and don't have the time, knowledge, or willpower to create the solutions themselves. Even for those who do have that experience, the mods can serve as a starting point and framework to do what they are trying to accomplish. That's the beauty of open source, you can take something and modify it to your liking. Either way, Hodor Hodor, you'd benefit by the old adage "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

                          • I think Hodor just had a bad day writing this post above. I remember well ===>>>


                            • I'm a bit surprised at this whole topic or the thought behind it. I've been using Boonex/UNA software for many years and had nothing but a very good expreince dealing with Jerome Mingo and Modzzz products and support. Big five stars from me!!

                              • Not throwing flowers nor stones to anyone in particular. Just speaking my mind. Frankly, the app library including modules and templates could be better curated and enforced with rules protecting UNA users in order to serve everyone. 

                                This is not the last post about this subject and i recall last year i read something similar. When you put a product on the market expect criticism too.

                                That being said not everyone has the same level of expectations, thats the reason why some standards should be fixed by the store owner.

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