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How about adding a setting in Studio, that makes everything related to "Relationships" go away? ...  no blocks, no visibility selector... nothing,

The feature simply isn't appropriate for all sites

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I'll start off by saying my US postal street address IS in Houston, Texas.  Google maps works properly with US postal addresses.
OpenStreetMaps has a huge problem, in that if I use 'Houston' as my City, the API returns an 'address not found' error.  If I use the name of my neighborhood, the OpenStreetMaps API correctly find my location.  Why OpenStreetMaps decided to geocode addresses in this way, is anyone's guess. but it's flat-out wrong... at least for use in the United States.  If this error exists for my location in Houston, Texas, it surely exists for many other major metropolitan areas across the US.  Therefore, plain and simply, OpenStreetMaps is not a viable locations provider for US based addresses,  I can't speak to its viability for other areas of the globe.

That leaves Google.  I hate Google.  I would sooner slam my head in a car door than count on Google for something.  What say you folks at Una, work on a Mapquest integration?  Andrew Boon

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As it is now, Spaces/Groups Snippet Meta Info has a single switch for 'Tags' which includes both hashtags and labels,   It would be better to have separate on/off switches for hashtags and labels.  The reason is that site administrators may want to restrict the display of tags meta info to only labels that were created by the admin, while not displaying hashtags from the 'Description field' that were created by members.  Currently, if you only want to display the Label info, you have to remove hashtags from the description field, but then you lose the benefit of hashtags. 

The display of Tags in the meta info snippet doesn't need to change, but the ability to choose which to display would be an improvement.

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In spite of the 'Set Badges' item being enabled in studio, the Set Badges button does not appear on any Spaces or Groups menu.  Is this a bug, or am I overlooking something?

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I'm not going to call this a request or suggestion until I get some feedback on the feasibility of it, 

Currently, the available hierarchy is limited to verticle relationships, ie Parent > Child 

My question is this:  Would it be feasible to add lateral hierarchy?  I don't know how many Una users would find this useful, but I have an application where a "Sibling" relationship would be useful.  The only requirement would be the establishment of the Sibling relationship, and the ability to display a Space's Siblings on a page, whenever those relationships exist,   I'm suggesting relationships only.., no complicated inter-woven privacy/permissions/visibility.  Everything between siblings remains isolated and independent, linked only by the sibling relationship.

The parent-child relationship isn't always appropriate,  Sometimes you need lateral connections.  

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I don't know if there is a built-in method for doing what I am about to ask, but if there is, I have not found it.  Each 'View Space' page will display a 'Child Spaces' block  if the Space does indeed have child Spaces. The 'Child Spaces' block in my opinion, is too simplistic,  I believe that in most applications, 'Child Spaces' will have enough importance to warrant displaying them on their own page, instead of just listing them in a small block on the View Space page.  Child spaces should be displayed on this page just as New or Top Spaces are displayed on the main Spaces pages.  The cards on the Child Spaces page should have the usual cover photo and Meta info, plus additional info as made possible by AQBsoft's excellent 'Advanced Menu' module.

I don't have enough experience with Una to be sure, but it seems to me that this could be done with the addition of a single PHP block that could be used on a page added to each space's nav menu.

Alex T⚜️  AQB Soft

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The card presented site wide for a Space, is composed of the space's cover photo, along with the Space name.  There are many applications where additional info on the card would be beneficial to users of the site.  As an example, let's say 50 US states are Parent spaces, and Cities within those states are child spaces.  Then of course, there will be a category and other info attributes to the child spaces.

As it is now, all that would appear on a child space named 'Dallas'  woul be the cover photo, 'Dallas', and the number of followers.  In this application, the name of the parent, ie 'Texas' would be nice to have on the card, as well as the category.  Sometimes a few words are worth more than a picture.

This would be great as a standard feature.  Unfortunately, I need it yesterday.  If someone were to create a module called "Space Cards", I'd certainly buy it

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When using the video record feature, the phone always uses the rear facing camera, and I see no way of switching to the forward facing camera. I don't think that's the way most people will want to use the video record feature.

iPhone 11

iOS 14.4.1

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Adding a custom field to the 'Add Space' form is easy enough, and the entered value appears on the Space View page without issues.  However, I see no way to use that same custom field and its list of values on the search form,  Is this not possible?

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