MailJet Setup Tutorial

We have all seen those posts regarding emails not getting sent or going to spam folders. Well, there are 2 ways you can resolve but most people are not aware on how to setup reverse DNS settings with a PTR record so, thanks to Baloo for mentioning MailJet for using with your SMTP module in UNA. To me, MailJet is one of the most affordable and easy setups I have seen yet so, I figured I would give a helping hand on setting it up. 

So here is what you need to do:

  1. Make sure you have installed the latest version of the SMTP module for UNA if you haven't already. You can do a search for SMTP in your Studio > Apps Market. 
  2. Go to and click the "Sign Up for Free" button. Enter you email address and password to setup the account. 
  3. During the setup, it is going to ask you what "type" of setup you want. Make sure you choose the "Developer" and "SMTP Relay" options. This is all you will need from them since you will be using them for just a SMTP service and IF you want to send "marketing" emails to all your members, I would suggest installing Mass Mailer module and using that instead. 
  4. Once you have completed the account setup, you will be given 3 important things you will need for your SMTP module at your UNA site.
  • USERNAME (API KEY): Which is the SMTP username in UNA
  • PASSWORD (SECRET KEY):Which is the SMTP Password in UNA
  • SMTP SERVER: Which is the SMTP server name in UNA. 

By default, your account will be set to a FREE account which allows 3,000 emails per month but, limited to 200 per day. If you have a lot of activity on your website, I would suggest upgrading that to the Bronze package which give you 30,000 emails a month with no daily limits. I prefer to pay monthly and it's $9.65/month

In UNA - Go into the SMTP module and do the following:

Put a checkmark in Enable SMTP mailer and SMTP authentication (Is your SMTP server requires username and password?)

Using the 3 pieces of important info from above, enter the values you have into the fields to match. I would suggest using Port 587 and change the secure connection to TLS. See below:


You can also update the "From" field in SMTP with that you want. From here, you can click "Test" on the left side menu in the SMTP module. You can test to make sure you have everything setup properly. Enjoy! 😎 

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    • Awesome! thank you for doing this.

      • You're very welcome

        • It is asking if I want to send transactional SMS. Should I leave just checked yes? See screenshot.

          • You will not be using that. So check NO on that one. 

            • The last box asks ‘override default sender email address”. Do we put anything in that box?

              • No sir, you can leave that blank unless you want to show the from email address something different than what you are using from your site. I wouldn't recommend that. 

                • Thank u Chris , good to know.

                  • Works great! Thank you so much my friend!

                    • You're welcome!

                      • To do it well there are two important steps that I mention here to complete Chris's information. To do so, go to "my account".

                        image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=2519&dpx=1&t=15745489961. Is about security, you need to validate your domain name AND your sending email addresses. If you do not do this, you will receive a notification that an unvalidated email address is trying to send email.


                        2. Not required but recommended.

                        To improve your sender reputation and deliverability, we strongly recommend that you set up a few DNS records.
                        This will allow us to sign outgoing email using DKIM and DomainKeys, and will inform your contacts' email providers that we are allowed to send your emails


                        • I received the email you mentioned. I have authenticated my email address.

                          • If I already have an email account set up with GoDaddy through my domain name, do I even need to use this service?

                            • Yes, it's intuitive in fact, I find the package well tied, and I repeat, very frankly, if you have questions, they are not at all stingy with the answers, which is not negligible. Andrew Boon case everyone is satisfied, they have an API, the campaign e-mail creation interface is very powerful in addition they also have an SMS service, it can give ideas ;-)

                              • When I did the test email, it automatically added my "sender" and marked it active. I attempted to verify my domain but I tried both adding the file to my site and the DNS record and each time it said it couldn't find it. Not sure why but I didn't do the domain verification part. I will try your #2 in a moment. 

                                • Yes, mine are at OVH. It does not change anything, it's just the mass sending service.

                                  • Thanks Chris - I've featured this post. Hey Andrew Boon wouldn't it be cool if we could just grab this post and embed it directly into our UNA Instructional Wiki? ;) 

                                    • Thanks 🤗

                                      • another great one Chris 😂 👍 

                                        • Chris i assume i choose what is shown in the attached picture?

                                          • Also i have SSL, so on this field should i put "SSL" or "TLS?"

                                            Is your SMTP server requires secure connection

                                            • Yes,  SMTP Relay as mentioned above. 

                                              • TLS is what's used to securely connect to Mailjet via the port number.  It doesn't have anything to do with your site using SSL.

                                                    • I signed up for mailjet and it works great. It’s been a week and no emails have gone to spam.

                                                      • Not in need of it Chris but thanks for sharing with the community

                                                        • You're welcome Jeremy 

                                                          • image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=3374&dpx=1&t=1586658378

                                                            Hi! I did all of that and I'm getting a softbounce? also I confirmed my main email already or I couldn't be in mailjet like this so hmmmmm ???

                                                            • is mailjet also a way I can get a professional email address like support @ I see they raised their prices

                                                              • Hey Mergedia - This tutorial was intended for those who have their own Dedicated/VPS server with direct access to the server's configuration via Plesk, cPanel, etc. This is to help email notifications from going to spam or getting blocked by email providers. 

                                                                Going by your screenshot, I see you are using a Yahoo email address and not an email address such as If you are on a cloud hosting, you do not have the ability to create an email address like since that is also configured on the server side and you would need to have direct access to your server as mentioned above. 

                                                                Also being on cloud hosting, you really do not have any control of how emails are getting delivered. In this case, there are 2 parties involved in getting your emails delivered. 1 - your host and 2 - Yahoo. I have never tried to setup any type of personal email addresses with MailJet so, I am not sure if using this will help you at all. 

                                                                In the other topic, you mentioned cloud hosting so, did you purchase that from here at UNA? If so, they can help you with any of the cron jobs, etc. You can see if your cron jobs are working by going into the Studio > Dashboard > click the drop down arrow next to Host Tools and do a Server Audit. Scroll down to the Site Setup area and you will see the cron job command there and the last execution time. Hopefully that last execution will be a recent time. If you need additional assistance, you will need to contact UNA support directly. 

                                                                • Hi Chris and Jeremy Crisp thanks so much for your help!

                                                                  Yes I bought Una's cloud hosting so I don't have my own server.

                                                                  I did verify my emails and the mailjet solution still isn't working for me.

                                                                  I did as you said and found the cron jobs in the dashboard (I am not a coder so all this is very hard for me)

                                                                  it says 

                                                                  Cron jobs  - 

                                                                  no crontab for www-data

                                                                  so apparently I need to contact support! I did so already for another issue and I have an upcoming call with I think, Matt

                                                                  I did not know how to set up cron jobs and i did not do so.

                                                                  is there a step by step guide to all the set up operations needed and how to do them, to make the site work?  

                                                                  Should I now try to delete the SMTP module since I am in UNA's cloud hosting? I don't know how to delete modules lol.



                                                                  • Apologies I think i see it here, just been swimming in the site and I dont know how to swim... I contacted support and will go through this piece by piece :)


                                                                    • Now worries at all. That is what we're here for. If you need to uninstall ANY modules you first need to disable them, then you can uninstall them. Here is how you do it.. For the SMTP module:

                                                                      Go into Studio > and click SMTP Mailer module.. You will see a Gear icon towards the top right. Clicking that will give you the ability to disable/enable modules (See below)

                                                                      Switch the Active button to the off position. You will see everything go blank then. To uninstall this module (or any module in UNA), go back to your Studio page. Click the magic wand towards the top right. This will activate the ability to uninstall any modules you have disabled. See below:

                                                                      Once the magic wand has been clicked, any disabled modules will have a X on them. Click that X and choose uninstall.


                                                                      • Cron jobs should have been setup at the time of installation so yeah, may need them to check it. And your call is probably with Mark P 😁 

                                                                        • 😀 😀 😀  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WOW! I got it deleted and deleted Wiki too (just too much for me for now) something I was trying to do yesterday!  

                                                                          I learned something YAyyyyy! Every time I learn something I feel excited like I'm getting closer and closer to my dream site!!!!!!! 

                                                                          Thanks so much! Yes it is Mark P! lol. I will ask him about the Cron jobs. I also have a Matt emailing me in discussions so i got confused. I'm chipping at this slowly, as I'm quite easily overwhelmed and confused here lol. But I might be a script wanna-be baby not even kiddie newbie lol, so far from hacker status you could call my brain an eyedropper compared to an ocean, but I'm glad that so far though I am struggling, that this site is slowly getting figured out to someone like me.

                                                                          Thanks! 😀

                                                                          • You ARE getting closer to your dream site.. you just may not "think" you are at the moment. For someone new, UNA can seem somewhat overwhelming at first until you get to know it.. Venture around in your Studio, take note of what you see, remember where you saw it.. It will be the Studio that will help you build your dream site in the end. 

                                                                            • THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SO needed that encouragement right now! ok I'm normal lol, not super dumb. lol

                                                                              • I'm already using Mailjet but I get an Error message when trying to set up SPF and DKIM in Google Domains (my domain host).  Please help. 

                                                                                • What is the error? I know that sometimes it can take a while to verify the changes you made based of your domain's TTL settings. So even thought you did the right then, it make take a while to get verified.

                                                                                  • Thanks, I guess I'll have to wait 48 hours to check again. The error from Mailjet before I did the last changes was "We detected that your domain has an existing SPF record but it does not allow us yet."

                                                                                    • Great Tutorial Chris & Baloo! Much appreciated! 😉 

                                                                                      • Hi,

                                                                                        I've spent a day or two in setting up my own e-mail server. Why? Well,

                                                                                        1. our site can easily send more than 4000 emails or more per day.... a few posts on the site will produce that number of emails sent and I didn't want to pay for something that is not so hard to do if you have a bit of knowledge and patience to read tutorials about how to correctly set up mail server....
                                                                                        2. respecting our users privacy. When they create account on our site they trust us with their personal data including e-mail address. If we would use third party SMTP server we are giving their e-mail addresses to that third party without their consent....
                                                                                        3. If I learned how to run my own web server for multiple domains and manage them I was sure I can also learn how to setup postfix, dovecot and all other sub systems so that my e-mail server is not on any black list and that emails sent from it doesn't end up in receiver's Spam.

                                                                                        And I succeeded. All major email services like gmail, yahoo ex hotmail etc. are not bouncing emails from my server, it is secure and it is private and it is free and I have full control over it.

                                                                                        Here is one good tutorial

                                                                                        Part 1:

                                                                                        Part 2:

                                                                                        (I didn't follow the tutorials above but it is basically the same as the one I followed) just discard the part where they do some commercial offers about hosting provider etc., if you already have one...

                                                                                        If you manage to make it work it is then very easy to use it for multiple domains as well. Luckily latest postfix supports SNI (Server Name Identification) - here is video tutorial about that on Youtube:

                                                                                        So, guys and ladies let's go to work 😎

                                                                                        image_transcoder.php?o=sys_images_editor&h=862&dpx=2&t=1671662652If you need any advice I am willing to help....



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