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I upgraded to Una 11 and now nothing renders on the main pages. The only pages that seem to work are the homepage, before login; the Studio launcher page and most of its sub pages. 

The Badges page and the Audit page do not work in Studio. 

I'm getting errors like this:



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I added a "File" field to a form's Create and Edit views so a person can upload a file. How do I display the file on the View page?

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Hi AQB Soft,

This does not look good. If a person marks a Page's visibility to "Only Me" I would hope that no cards would show. Currently it's showing cards, but marking them as "Private" on the Person's profile. 



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If the Person is a member of a Private/Secret Group, show the discussions in their timeline and in the Discussion pages/blocks. Right now they have to go to the Private/Secret Group, then to Discussions in the Group to see the messages.

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Trying to find private/secret groups that you're a member of takes too many clicks. 

Current process:

  1. Click Groups
  2. Click Manage
  3. Click down arrow to show hidden menu to switch from My Groups to All groups
  4. Open Private group

Proposed Process:

Show Private Groups in New Groups, Top Groups, and any other Group Blocks if the User is a member of the Private/Secret group and add a label on the Card indicating that it's a Private/Secret Group.


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After a user answers a poll on their Timeline and then refreshes their page the Poll results do not show. If the user tries to vote again they get a "duplicate" message, instead they should see the results. 


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The "Discussions in Context" block is a Card style. 


I would like to use the Discussions with Recent Posts style in Context for Groups. 


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Mark Purser / Andrew Boon 

When I create a Discussion within a Group I have to manually change the visibility to the Group name. Ideally the Create Discussion button should default to the Group I am in when I try to create a discussion.

When I click "+ Discussion" within the Group.


This field should default to the Group name, instead of Public



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Andrew Boon 

There needs to be a way to automatically add someone to a Group after they have been invited. 

Currently the process is this:

  1. Invite User
  2. User receives email for invite
  3. User clicks on link in email and goes to Group
  4. User has to click Join Group
  5. Admin of group has to approve User

The process should be something like this:

  1. Invite User
  2. User receives email and notification for invite 
  3. User clicks on link in email and a popup asks if they want to become a member with Yes/No.
  4. If Yes, automatically added to Group 
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