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From what I can tell, after a poll has ran its course, there is no way to close the poll to prevent future voting. The only way that I can tell to cease voting is by deleting the poll entirely or having it set to where only I can view it.

This prevents us from having historical data to show community votes, can we get a feature added to the Poll application to allow for owners of a Poll to manually close it out to prevent future votes when their deadline hits for the poll?

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Ever since the fix came out to enable the friend request button for profiles that are private, people are unable to undo their pending request to a user who has a private profile both from the profile and profile cards under sent requests within connections. The button is hidden for private profiles but still there for public profiles.

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While most of my reported issues have appeared to be resolved, there's still multiple instances where it's still not respected.

Before I go into detail, let me provide links for context:



Within the albums app, it's still not respected when a user navigates to the Popular Images and Top Images tabs within the Albums app. They are both shown regardless of the signed in users Content Filter settings.

For the Timeline app, if a user sets the content filter rating on it, a user can get around these settings by having a direct link to the timeline feed item (usually obtained by clicking on the time link on the feed item to be brought to the dedicated feed item display) and I also tested this for a signed out member, they have full access to this, despite my settings being set as the following:


With this setting in mind, this should not happen, but it does, I'm unsure how this impacts other Apps that make use of the content filter rating system, I have tested the Photos app and it works as intended from my brief testing.

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When I switched to stable, the script detects the stable release of 13.1.0 but it does not offer a way to do the update.


However if I switch it back to beta, I can see and click to update to the latest beta release of 14.

image_transcoder.php?o=sys_images_editor&h=1974&dpx=1&t=1714025398Now I don't mind updating directly to the latest beta from my current versioning, but would that produce errors if I totally skip 13.1.0 stable?

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I am looking for which part of the UNA code is force setting content filter boxes to be checked after it checks the profiles date of birth field.

I am seeking to modify this so that the boxes are not by default checked, but instead are offered to the user to be checked if the requirements are met for the rating to be offered to the user.

As it stands right now, if someone that is age 21 or over, the following is displayed.






What I desire, by default, when someone who creates a profile that is 21 or over, have the following by default.






Reason: Not everyone wishes to see such content above their comfort zone right out of the gate, and with age verification laws going into effect, we must start disabling and hiding R and X until a user has paid to have these unlocked, such as purchasing Premium so that a transactional history data is logged to verify age to meet law requirements.

I've already discovered how to hide the options R and X for users, but this doesn't stop the UNA script from automatically checking the boxes upon profile creation....

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I created a new role that's suppose to supersede the default "Mod" role, I noticed when I navigate to any modules "Manage" page, the toggle to switch between your own context items versus all context items is gone.


I tried looking high and low for this item in studio and I'm drawing blanks here, just where in Studio is this located?

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I recently noticed that if photos within an album get any kind of interactions that would normally send the context owner a notification, it doesn't.

When someone comments on a photo within the album, no notification.

If someone leaves a like on the photo within the album, no notification.

The only time when someone gets a notification about the album (not its contents) is when someone comments or likes the overall album itself.

Is this a bug or intended?

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Was this just thrown up on the board and just forgotten?


This is a massive privacy feature that is required for anyone with a userbase.

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I noticed that if I set a number for "Number of Allowed Actions", the counter begins from the moment I have saved this setting, it does not account for previously submitted context.

For example, say I wanted to set a limit for "Create Photo", post-install, later in the sites lifespan, so I limit Standard members to 300 photos.

If a user already submitted more than 300 photos, this new setting will not take that into account and will allow them to upload an additional 300 photos layered on top of their already outstanding number.

This needs to be reevaluated as a function in UNA.


The idea is that when I ONLY fill out "Number of allowed actions", UNA needs to take into account the actions previously performed in regards to the context.

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