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Worked fine for a few years, and then boom, all the uploaded videos from the past 2 weeks stopped calculating the duration - making the list of recent videos load incredibly slow.

The "duration" column has 0's all over for those recent videos in the "bx_videos_entries" table.

Nothing changed as far as server configuration is concerned.

S3 storage, in case it matters.

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So, if the max file size is set to 2047mb, it works fine, and lets upload large files, but when its exactly 2048mb, it limits the members of that level, to only be able to upload a 2kb file within the messenger.

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Say we want only premium members to start a video call but any member can join it?

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Between create personal video chat and create video conferences?

Is the conference's referring to calls for more than 2 people? For groups?

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When trying to "subscribe/rent" to a plan (not "buy"), and using Paypal api - a popup appears saying "cannot perform the action. Please report.".

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Is it possible to give people the option to buy paid plans (such as premium for 1 year) with crypto (coinbase)?

Right now it only lets to select chargebee.

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I wanted to inquire and see if it would be possible to change the multitude of fields for selecting an address and condense it into one smart field?

https://www.openstreetmap.org if you go here, they actually have only one smart field and i was hoping to get that same field on Una.

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Does someone have a link to the most definitive guide or how-to for making my una site into an app?
I read that you can use nexus to connect, and there is some source code... But for someone who is a developer but never an app developer, what links and suggestions can you give me to make this a straightforward process?


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