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This module adds an interactive of for all kinds of content like profiles, events, videos, timeline posts, etc. Anything that supports field. It allows members to filter locations by types. All locations are clickable. Alternatively it can be configured to show only one type of locations (lets say members only) and in this case the filters section will disappear automatically, so the entire map will be showing locations of online members only and nothing else.
It supports a variety of map providers and styles, including Maps, , and many others. A lot of maps providers/styles examples you can find by this link: http://leaflet-extras.github.io/leaflet-providers/preview/index.html. Most of these providers are free to use, which means that you don't have to pay anything in order to display the maps on your site.
Also you may be interested in Nearby People module which shows a real time location of online members and in Location Picker module which allows to use Location field without having to use Google Maps.

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    • Nice mod! thx! 

      Should the ''custom icon'' not be shown on the map? Right now its only shown in the Popup, but not in the location map.

      • On the map it shows icons for types of content, not icons of the content itself. This way it is possible to easily distinguish an Event from lets say a Group.

        • Great mod.  

          • I'm having major issues with this app. It simply doesn't work. It shows all my post being located somewhere in the ocean. 

            • Hello,
              Sorry,  haven't noticed your message earlier (this section is actually for reviews, it is better to report issues via PM). It may be caused by the UNA bug: https://github.com/unaio/una/issues/1969 or something else. In any way the module just takes the coordinates which are stored in your DB based on a provided location for various content entries. So if it shows something in the ocean then the problem is in the module to which that entry belongs to rather than in the Locations Map module.

            • Hi, saving options, the location coordinates rounded to 48 and 9, it's not possible to save the values correct. Do you have an idea to solve this issue?

            • Is there a platform for the addon? For support, suggestions, etc.? Or using the coment-function here?

            • This module probably does not work.

              Fresh instalation Una10RC1 and Map provider is Esri.WorldStreetMap

              Settings - Show locations for Persons and Online profiles

              Settings - Selected by default for Persons and Online profiles

              If I try to set Location in Add or Edit Profile - then I see "This page can't load Google Maps correctly.". But provider is still Esri.WorldStreetMap.

              Is it any bug?

              • If you're facing problems with the Location field on your forms - then this has nothing to do with the Locations Map module. The module is not affecting the behavior of that field. The module displays various items' locations on an interactive map. But the Location field on your forms still relies on Google's services, i.e. you must configure your Google API keys in order for that field to work properly. Currently there is no way to override geolocation in UNA to make it work with some other geolocation service provider than Google.
                So, no, it is not a bug. It is an UNA's limitation. You can add your request to remove that limitation here: https://una.io/page/view-discussion?id=3567

              • Am I right - if I have not Google API key then Persons and Online Profiles will not work in module Locations Map?

                Is any way to use Locations Map for Persons without GoogleMaps API key?

                • The Locations Map just takes locations (latitude/longitude paris) and displays it on a map. It doesn't making any geocoding neither it adds locations on its own.
                  So, yes, if you don't have a working Location field on your profiles then UNA will not be able to geocode those profiles, so no any locations will be determined and thus the Locations Map will not be showing anything since there will be nothing to show.

                  And no in the current UNA version there is no way to change the way geocoding works, Google's geocoding is hardcoded there. According to this discussion this may change in UNA 11.

                • Sorry for my not perfect English, but I should to warn about AQB Soft. They are not honest vendor.

                  Few weeks ago I bought Locations Map module for 30 USD.

                  In description of Locations Map module we can read "It supports a variety of map providers and styles, including Maps, , and many others". That is NOT completely true.

                  There is only ONE serious provider of AUTOCOMPLETE Location on the world - Google. GOOGLE with horrible prices. But I have discovered it AFTER PURCHASE.

                  Without AUTOCOMPLETE - field LOCATION in Una script DOES NOT WORK.

                  And all this Locations Map module is completely USELESS for me.

                  2 days after my purchase I wanted REPLACE my Locations Map License for Events Map License (30 USD too). I wanted to rework Events Map for Profile and Person utility. AQB Soft answered, that will to create new module with marker on map for Persons.

                  Without my incident new module Profile Location was never built.

                  Profile Location (20 USD) is now issued and I want to REPLACE my Locations Map License for Profile Location License.

                  AQB Soft answered, that is impossible. I tell you what is impossible (niemożliwe to w dupie otworzyć parasol).

                  On normal market - if vendor sold wrong product, he replace it for good product. 3 minutes of work.

                  But AQB Soft doesn't know normal marketing rules.

                  I will not spend 50 USD for funny gadget like map for site (30 spended and 20 for new module)


                  AQB Soft are not honest vendor. If you want to buy module, better think 3 times.

                  • I believe we have to describe our point of view here and let the people judge.
                    The Locations Map indeed supports a variety of map providers including Wikimedia and OSM - it can use any of those providers to display and manage a map. But nowhere in its description it was promised that the module somehow will affect the "Location" field on a various edit forms, where the geocoding happens.
                    When you realized that the module is not affecting the Location field we've explained you that you have to wait for UNA 11 release where the Location field should become customizable and support other geocoding services besides Google: https://una.io/cmts.php?sys=bx_market&id=147&cmt_id=197
                    Then from our side we decided to help people that are still willing to use Location field with no Google services involved and who doesn't want to wait for UNA 11 so we've contacted you and offered this solution. That new module (currently named as Profile Location) is not a replacement to the Locations Map, it is just a way to make the Location field working without Google Services. But you have started to insist to simply switch the license from one module to another even if the Profile Location module is a totally different in its functionality than the Locations Map.
                    Later you've asked to switch the license from Locations Map to Events Map module intending to somehow redesign it to work for profiles instead of events (by replacing the word EVENTS for PERSON or PROFILE as you said). We've explained you then that this is not how things work - you can't just rename the module to make it work for a totally different data/module. Here is our statement regarding this back in August:

                    I repeat the Events Map shows ONLY Events. By renaming it to Persons Map you will not change its behavior, it will not start showing profiles. That is a totally different module.
                    You want to have a map of profiles. Events Map can not be used for that at all. Instead you have 3 choices:
                    a) Configure Google API key to make the Location field working (this is free of any charges till a significant usage threshold)
                    b) Wait for UNA 11 release
                    c) Request a custom module which would allows profile owners to specify their location without using the default Location field.

                    Your reply was that you're going with option b) but 2 days later you've added that you're interested in c) too. So we've created the module but you've started to ask to switch the license again even if we've already discussed this a few weeks ago in details, including our policy regarding switching licenses. You either don't understand that just the Profile Location module will not give you a map of all profiles available or you're intentionally and implicitly trying to get two modules by the price of one.
                    To summarize - we tried to help you, we reached you with an offer to make the Location field work like you want it to work to make the Location Map module not pointless for you personally if you don't want to wait for UNA 11 release or rely on Google Services for Location field. But something went wrong...

                  • First Class like so many of AQB'S products. Thank you.

                    • Now that UNA 11 is here, what, if anything, has actually changed regarding this Locations Map module? Specifically, is this statement from a year ago still valid? 

                       "But the Location field on your forms still relies on Google's services, i.e. you must configure your Google API keys in order for that field to work properly."

                      Can older UNA site users now edit their profiles and have a Location field which this module can display onto the map? Or should the data from UNA 10 work - that is, display on the map. 

                      The reason I ask is because nothing shows up on the map... 

                      • The Locations Map module shows only what is already stored in a DB. If nothing shows then this means that there is nothing in a DB, i.e. locations aren't set for any type of content. 

                        A content entry must somehow get its location defined. In UNA 11 out of the box this is being done using the Location field which relies on Google places API. 

                        If you for some reason can't use Google services then there is an alternative: Location Picker module which provides an interactive map in place of a Google driven location field on all content add/edit forms.

                      • Thank you for the prompt update. And for the private replies also. 

                        This is the 3rd module I have purchased from AQB. The modules and service have been outstanding.

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