UNA Messenger is a responsive, mobile friendly, real-time chat/messenger and video conferencing system integrated directly into UNA. UNA Messenger allows members to create private talks, group talks and participate in conversations embedded directly into specific webpages through the 'Shoutbox' blocks.

Realtime Chat, Direct Messaging (DMs) and Video Conferencing 🎥 between individuals and small groups is rapidly becoming a core function within social community interactions. UNA Messenger offers a slick interface and a host of features bringing a cutting edge Messaging service into the 💞heart of your social community website. 

UNA Messenger enables you to share files, images and video directly and privately between users, accessing photo library and phone cameras when used in the native app or mobile devices.

The integration of Jitsi Meet offers a secure and free Zoom & Skype alternative, offering a host of features, supporting video conferencing up to 75 people, screen sharing, recording to Dropbox and live stream to YouTube.

Using the 'Shoutbox' function UNA enables you to embed a Chat Directly into any web page. Many Groups focussed websites such as WeMe utilise Shoutbox functions to encourage informal realtime chat amongst members. Once users have commented in the Shoutbox 🙋‍♀️the Chat will automatically be added to their UNA Messenger - so they can continue with the discussion without having to revisit the webpage each time. There is the option to replace comments with Messenger Shoutbox to give your feedback a lively realtime feel.

UNA Messenger is a rapidly developing module ⛏- with many new features planned for release in the near future. 


UNA Messenger is built upon a few different platforms and technologies (node js, websockets, push notifications) and requires Jot Server and Jot Messenger apps to be installed. Jot Server created as app for node js using real-time frameworks for websockets(Primus, SockJs). Jot Server can be installed on your server, you to install node js on your web hosting server and then install Jot Server (read more details about installation here).


  • Manually Create Talks with any user. Thus can be done from the UNA Messenger page using edit menu icon. Just click on it and type names and auto-completion ability helps to easily find all members by their names.
  • Edit participants list by talk owner or admin. Each talk has settings and allows members to change them for their needs. Below you may see available option:
  • Add Participants (if you talk owner or admin)
  • Delete talk (if you are the talk owner or admin)
  • Leave talk. This option allows to leave talk for any participants.
  • Mute. This option allows to stop getting push notification on members devices from which they visited your site. 
  • Remove and Repost each message. Repost option allows to resend members history messages of any available talk to any member. You just need to hover on a message, click on Copy link to the jot icon and then send it to any other member via Jot Messenger. If you want to delete a message, just click on close icon near each talk message.
  • Search talks by keywords and titles. In left side block of main messenger page, you may see search box. It allows to find talks by content.
  • Use UNA Messenger blocks on pages with comments and modules pages based on profile module (Groups, Events).
  • Filter existed talks list by talk types. By default available: General, Private, Sets, Groups, Events.
  • Allows to watch on members' statuses. By default, there are 3 types: Online (green circle), Away - (orange circle), Offline - (empty bordered circle)
  • Allows to get standard UNA notification, sound notifications and one signal push notifications about new messages. You may read details about how to setup web push notifications here for http and https sites.
  • UNA Messenger has an integrated emoji library with many smiles sets. Site Operators can disable/enable the ability to type smiles manually instead of picking them up from popup block.

Video Chat / Jitsi Meet Features

  • Full support of WebRTC - the open standard of web communication.
  • Supports up to 75 online participants.
  • Record meetings to Dropbox.
  • Livestream to YouTube.
  • Share screen, presentations & built in chat.
  • Sync Messenger Chat with Jitsi Chat (optional).
  • Create custom meeting URLs & passwords.
  • Invite people to join from outside your UNA community.
  • Use the Free Jitsi Meet Server or create your own.
  • A host of configuration settings available within UNA Studio
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